Every new character introduced in Boruto Code arc, from most to least powerful

Power ranking of new characters introduced in Code Arc. (image via Sportskeeda)
Power ranking of new characters introduced in Code Arc. (image via Sportskeeda)

Since the beginning of the Boruto Code Arc, countless conversations have been spinning around the fandom. One interesting point was a comparison among the strongest characters who are newly introduced with the introduction of the arc.

The new characters of Boruto need time to go through some character development and are yet to properly showcase their strength. However, speculations regarding their strength are already running wild based on their appearances. At the same time, a general idea about their strength can be formed, based on their roles in the manga.

Disclaimer: The article is subjective and also contains manga spoilers.

Boruto: New characters in Code Arc ranked based on power

1) Eida

Eida in Boruto (image via Studio Pierrot)
Eida in Boruto (image via Studio Pierrot)

While naming one of the most powerful characters in the Code Arc of Boruto, Eida should be one of them. Taking into consideration that she is a cyborg created by Amado, she holds some unearthly powers that have the capability of eradicating cities within seconds. She was cryogenically frozen for a few years and Code was the one who woke her up from sleep.

Surprisingly enough, Eida knows everything about Code and his intentions despite being in hibernation for years. This was because of the eye she got. The eye can spy on anyone and can see everything from the present and past. She could be seen helping Code with her powers that would keep him a step ahead of the people he is trying to strike upon.

In combat, there is a sharp possibility that she is unbeatable. Amado stated clearly that she is better at combat than Jigen, while Jigen is one of the toughest characters to combat. Eida has not been seen in any combat scenes in Boruto yet, but it is expected that she will soon be.

Keeping these capabilities in mind, Eida's most powerful weapon is still not discussed yet. The charm she endures can be used to get anyone to feel awestruck by her. Her allure can make anyone fall in love with her or have a strong sense of liking towards her.

This doesn't take much time as she is gifted with a charm that has the capability to distract the person in front of her, which is more dangerous than having god-like abilities. However, this won't work on anyone who is a descendant of the Otsutsuki Clan.

With these capabilities, she stands above everyone on the list. In Boruto, she will be seen playing an important role and everyone is quite eager to witness how she uses her powers to move forward.

2) Daemon

Daemon in Boruto (image via Sportskeeda)
Daemon in Boruto (image via Sportskeeda)

Daemon is Eida's younger brother and is one of the cyborgs created by Amado. However, he was ordered to be dismantled by Ishhiki just like Eida. The sole reason behind that was them being too powerful and being able to stand as a threat to him. Even the vessel of Ishhiki wanted them to be destroyed.

Amado harvested Shibai Otsutsuki's DNA from his remains and put them in Daemon, Eida, and Code. He was the most powerful Otsutsuki who evolved into a god.

In Naruto and Boruto, the Otsutsukis are aliens, they harvest the Chakra Fruit after colonizing planets and that is how they keep evolving and growing more powerful. So, it is quite justified that Daemon is much more powerful than the everyday characters in Boruto.

Daemon is quite energetic and mischievous, he is fast and stealthy. In the manga, he defeats Kawaki, who endures Ishhiki's full power and abilities. He is extremely quick and has great combating abilities. This is yet to be seen in the anime as the anime debut of Amado is yet to be witnessed by everyone.

Since he has the DNA of Shibai Otsutsuki, he inherited the power of Shinjutsu. With that, he can turn the attack of an opponent against them with just a touch of his hand. Eida admits that Daemon is the only one who can kill her apart from the Otsutsukis.

The powers that he holds count him to hold the title of the second most powerful character in the Code Arc of Boruto. He would appear in the anime after Eida agreed to help Code to get what he wants.

3) Code

Code (image via Studio Pierrot)
Code (image via Studio Pierrot)

Although Code is a character who was there in the anime and manga for quite a while before the Code arc finally began, he should be considered one of the most powerful characters in the Boruto Code Arc. Regardless of him being the titular protagonist of the Arc, he has enough powers to stand against Boruto and Kawaki alone.

After he was handed over the will of Otsutsuki by Isshiki, he promised to not let him down and set out for Konoha. He managed to get in easily but he had some clashes with Eida after meeting her. She was ordered to be dismantled, but Code had an agenda in mind.

He thought of using her powers to keep an eye on the enemy to stay a step ahead of them. This is how one can justify his level of intellect and how strategic he is. In terms of power, he is the strongest member of Kara, second to the resurrected version of Isshiki. He is even considered to be stronger than Boro, Delta, and Koji Kashin.

Code has the Ten-Tails and can also use the Yin release to perform Genjutsu Communication. Later in the anime, fans will get to see him defeat Kawaki quite easily.

In Boruto, Code can weaponize parts of his body, and he can transform his hands into razor-sharp claws that can cut everything into pieces.

Shibai Otsutsuki's DNA gave him the power to spread black bands like the ones on his face and arms which act as a personal portal he can pass through. This allows him to attack from anywhere the bands can get to. He also bears a White Karma which grants him access to Isshiki's powers.

Apart from all of this, there are quite a lot of powers that are unknown and not revealed yet. Hopefully, fans will get to see him use the known powers and the unknown powers will come as a surprise. These are the things that put him in third position and there is not a single pinch of doubt that he is one of the strongest characters in Boruto at the moment.

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