Boruto's journey is inspired by three Uchiha characters and Madara isn't one of them

Boruto and the theory connecting him with three Uchiha members (Image via Shueisha).
Boruto and the theory connecting him with three Uchiha members (Image via Shueisha).

Boruto has seen considerable success in recent months since the beginning of the Blue Vortex timeskip, and now there are a lot of discussions surrounding the protagonist's future. Given that Eida's Omnipotence has kicked in and Naruto's son seems to be trapped in a loophole of sorts, there are a lot of questions regarding his motivations, his actions, and the journey he is going to go through.

A recent theory in the fandom suggests that his destiny in the series could be inspired by three major characters from the Uchiha clan.

That is, of course, a bit far-fetched, but the theory gives a solid explanation of how the protagonist could be inspired by the likes of Sasuke, Obito, and Itachi, which is something that adds another layer to his character and the way he has evolved since the beginning of the series.

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Explaining how Boruto's journey could be inspired by Sasuke, Itachi, and Obito's stories

When it comes to the connection with Sasuke Uchiha, it is fairly easy to see the influence, as the latter was the protagonist's mentor and they always had a somewhat solid relationship.

Sasuke has matured a lot in the sequel and has been a second father figure to Naruto's son, which is shown in the way that the main character fights with a sword, just like the member of the Uchiha clan. The latter has even adopted some of his mentor's mannerisms.

On the other hand, the connection with Itachi is a bit more far-fetched, although they do share a notorious similarity of being depicted as villains even if they are trying to do the right thing. Of course, Boruto's actions are a lot less controversial than Itachi's in the series, but they both have been labeled traitors of the Hidden Leaf Village and don't hold any grudges against the people who are going after him.

However, the most interesting comparison is with Obito Uchiha and how the protagonist's relationship with Sarada Uchiha could be similar to what the former went through with Rin Nohara. The theory suggests that Sarada could be bound to be killed by Kawaki, leading Boruto to become a lot more like Obito and grow disappointed with the shinobi world, which is something that could play a huge role moving forward in the series.

The success of the series recently

Artwork of the Blue Vortex timeskip (Image via Shueisha).
Artwork of the Blue Vortex timeskip (Image via Shueisha).

The Blue Vortex time skip has been a very significant decision for the franchise as it added a much clearer direction and also contributed to a stronger narrative that a lot of people have enjoyed thus far. This has led to the series having decent sales numbers and also garnering increasing views on Shueisha's online reading platform, MangaPLUS.

The time skip was also much needed, not just for the protagonist, but also for the rest of the main cast, which is why the plot has become a lot more interesting for the audience. The element of Eida's Omnipotence has also put Naruto's son in a corner. Some major issues in the narrative, such as trying to save Sasuke, also need to be addressed.

There is also the element of the Clones and how they are powerhouses who could be a huge challenge for the main ninjas of the shinobi world, particularly those of the Hidden Leaf Village. That is something that can lead to a lot of fascinating resolutions for some characters, including Kawaki and Sarada.

Final thoughts

Boruto's journey could be inspired by several members of the Uchiha clan, according to a fan theory. This suggests that he has Sasuke's fighting style and mannerisms, Itachi's aim of trying to do good while being painted as a villain, and perhaps Obito's tragic resolution with Rin, but this time happening with Sarada.

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