Brave One Punch Man fan suffering from cancer nails Saitama cosplay

Brave One Punch Man fan suffering from cancer nails Saitama cosplay (Image via Sportskeeda)
Brave One Punch Man fan suffering from cancer nails Saitama cosplay (Image via Sportskeeda)

A brave One Punch Man fan’s post to the series' subreddit has slowly become its most upvoted post of all time over the last eleven days. Fans of the series have interacted with u/_Mikomihokina_’s post to celebrate her amazing Saitama cosplay and share well wishes for her recovery from cancer.

The One Punch Man subreddit perusers were highly supportive of u/_Mikomihokina_’s post and appreciated her sharing her story, which she further elaborated upon in the comments. The latest update from her states that she only has two rounds of chemotherapy left before surgery in September, which should hopefully make her cancer-free in the aftermath.

Follow along as this article covers the fan reaction to u/_Mikomihokina_’s One Punch Man cosplay and the outpouring of well wishes and support for her brave battle against cancer.

Cancer patient u/_Mikomihokina_ presents impressive Saitama cosplay on the One Punch Man subreddit

u/_Mikomihokina_ recently showed incredible bravery in making the best of an awful situation. Her amazing Saitama cosplay, which she shared in a post on the One Punch Man subreddit, has become the most upvoted post of all time by a large margin over the past 11 days.

Fans have not only gone out of their way to celebrate u/_Mikomihokina_'s creative cosplay, but they have also extended their whole-hearted support to her, with nearly every comment wishing her well in her battle against the disease. She has given updates on her treatment, and it seems that she is set for surgery in September, following a couple more rounds of chemotherapy.

Many fans drew references to the series and telling u/_Mikomiahokina to use Saitama’s moves against her cancer. Some even rallied for her to use Saitama's strongest moves in the anime and manga series to eliminate the disease off the earth, both for her sake and that of humanity.

While some may find these types of comments distasteful, she seemed to appreciate and enjoy them based on her responses in the thread. The comments clearly convey concern and care for u/_Mikomihokina_’s situation. They are simply personalized in a way that will mainly appeal to fans of the series.

She also commented on the post herself, explaining that she has one month of chemotherapy left before her surgery in September, as mentioned above. Furthermore, she revealed to the subreddit that the post was merely a sneak peek. A full-fledged, professional-quality photo shoot is scheduled later in the month once the cape for the cosplay becomes available.

In a day and age where social media, powerscaling, and series rankings can be highly divisive in the anime and manga community, it’s heartwarming to see the community come together under posts like these. The power of social media lies in how it is able to bring people from various parts of the world together just based on their love for a series.

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