Can Goku survive Hakai in Dragon Ball?

Goku as seen in his Mastered Ultra Instinct form (Image via Toei Animation)
Goku as seen in his Mastered Ultra Instinct form (Image via Toei Animation)

As the core protagonist across the entire mainline Dragon Ball franchise, Goku has achieved the impossible time and time again. Furthermore, Goku’s growth throughout the franchise seems quite literally unstoppable as he rises to every challenge put in front of him.

Yet, Dragon Ball Super, in particular, presented quite an exciting challenge to overcome. Introducing the Gods of Destruction, Super also introduces the Hakai power of destruction. The Hakai power can seemingly erase anyone or anything from existence when used by a Destroyer.

Super also introduces a watered-down, grantable version of Hakai, which can be resisted. As a result, there are seemingly two different Hakai powers present in the Dragon Ball series. Follow along as this article explores these two versions and whether or not Goku can survive Hakai in Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball fans are curious to know if Goku can survive the Hakai powers introduced in Super

True Hakai


The true Hakai power, as seen in Super, is only achievable with proper Hakai training. This is the form used by Beerus to turn an egg to dust, as well as eliminate Zamasu from existence. This is also the form Vegeta channels during his Ultra Ego transformation, which stylistically coincides with other God of Destruction designs.

When it comes to True Hakai power, it’s a foregone conclusion that anything hit with this power will be instantly destroyed. There are simply too many examples of this throughout DBS already, and will likely continue to be displayed.

As a result, Goku would be unable to survive this form of Hakai exposure. Until achieving immortality or the status of an immortal, Goku will fall to the True Hakai power being launched from a God of Destruction or someone with equal training. This is an unfortunate truth that will not be changed for quite some time.

Granted Hakai


Also seen in DBS is a weakened form of Hakai, which can be given to mortals to hold and use. This is most prominently seen in the buildup to the Tournament of Power arc.

In the buildup, Universe 9’s God of Destruction, Sidra, is convinced to launch a preemptive attack on Universe 7 which would result in their disqualification. Sidra grants the leader of this attack a ball of Destruction Energy to use against Frieza, and to ideally kill him in the process.

However, Frieza survives and controls the Destruction Energy, manipulating it into being used on Goku instead. Goku struggles against the energy and refuses to submit, before Beerus shows up and blows the energy away.

While Goku was saved by Beerus in the end, this scene seems to imply that Goku can survive this weakened form of Destruction Energy.

In summation

While Goku would be unable to survive a true Hakai blast as seen in Dragon Ball Super, it seems as though he can survive the weakened version of Destruction Energy. Beerus did save Goku from this energy in the end, yet the Saiyan showed no signs of being unable to handle the energy himself.

It’s incredibly likely that eventually, Goku will be able to survive any form of Hakai energy regardless of origin or concentration. However, that time has not yet come to pass in the franchise, and splitting hairs in this topic becomes an unfortunate necessity as a result.

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