What to expect from Dragon Ball Super Season 2: Expected release date, plot line, and more

Fan made promotional material for Dragon Ball Super Season 2 (Image via Twitter)
Fan made promotional material for Dragon Ball Super Season 2 (Image via Twitter)

Ever since the recent Akio Iyoku interview with the official Dragon Ball website, Dragon Ball Super Season 2 is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. The upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero film combined with this interview tease has rejuvenated the hype behind Dragon Ball Super Season 2.

While no official information regarding the series has been released yet, fans can still make educated guesses on when Dragon Ball Super Season 2 will arrive. Furthermore, looking to the manga for inspiration can also clue fans in on what the plotlines of this second season will be.

With Akio Iyoku’s tease from his recent Dragon Ball website interview, the hype is swirling yet again around Dragon Ball Super Season 2.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 hype returns in a large swell as 'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero' approaches

Iyoku tease

Recently, Akira Toriyama’s right-hand man for all things Dragon Ball Akio Iyoku did an interview with the Dragon Ball website. Iyoku’s short section mainly focused on the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero film, which is slated for an April 22, 2022 release date.

During the interview, Iyoku teased something else besides the movie. While the possibilities for what’s coming are endless, the most likely answer seems to be Dragon Ball Super Season 2. A second film could also be an option, but producing two films side-by-side for release in the same year would be a monumental task.

The new arc for the Dragon Ball Super manga was also announced separately in this video, so it’s almost certainly not a new manga arc. As a result, Dragon Ball Super Season 2 is the most likely answer for what Iyoku is teasing.

Expected release date and plot

While no official release information for Dragon Ball Super Season 2 has been released as of this writing, Iyoku’s tease implies a 2022 return. At the very least, fans can expect the second season to be announced sometime later this year. Hopefully, the announcement of the anime’s return will be in the 2022 calendar year.

As for the expected plotline, the waters are somewhat muddied in this regard. The Dragon Ball Super anime has gone its own way before, both in minute changes and in creating new plotlines. The Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie is one specific example of the anime team creating and releasing their own new storyline.

Assuming the anime at least takes inspiration from the manga, fans can expect the Galactic Patrol Prisoner saga to be a part of Dragon Ball Super Season 2. This is colloquially referred to as the Moro arc, for the eponymous antagonist of this story section. The Moro arc sees Goku assisting the previously introduced Jaco and his Galactic Patrol comrades in securing the escaped convict Moro.

Following the Moro arc, the second season will hopefully follow the Granolah the Survivor arc. This arc, in particular, has been fantastic since it started and seems to be following suit in its closing chapters. Furthermore, a return from Broly is also very possible, considering the Broly movie was so incredibly well-received.

In summation

Akio Iyuko’s recent tease for Dragon Ball Super Season 2 has created a swell of excitement around the subject. With Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero also on the horizon, the series has a lot to look forward to on both the small and big screens.

While Dragon Ball Super Season 2 may not fully return in 2022, it seems almost certain an announcement will be made this year. The franchise already has a great deal to look forward to this year, and adding the anime’s return would truly be the cherry on top.

Be sure to keep up with all Dragon Ball Super Season 2, manga, and film news as 2022 progresses.

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