Chainsaw Man anime dominates social media before its premiere

Chainsaw Man
Pochita and Denji (Image via MAPPA)

With the Chainsaw Man anime dropping today, fans are counting the hours leading up to the anime's premiere. Denji and Pochita are finally arriving on our screens as we are set to witness Chainsaw Man in his element, killing a hoard of devils.

Tatsuki Fujimoto's Chainsaw Man has been long awaited since the manga first came out in December 2018. Now, nearly four years after its inception, the anime is scheduled to release, and fans can't contain their excitement.

Chainsaw Man has fans counting down the hours leading up to the premiere

less than 12 hours until chainsaw man

The Chainsaw Man anime is set to premiere at 1.00 am JST today, as fans are counting down to it. While the main focus will be on Denji, fans also have eyes for some other appearances in the anime.


Without a doubt, most fans want to see the animated avatar of Makima. Meanwhile, other fans are looking forward to the appearances of other popular characters and have shared fanarts for the same.

While fans will surely get to see Makima, Power, and Himeno soon, they will have to wait to witness Reze and Quanxi's animated avatars, as both of them are set to appear in the second cour, given that their character designs are yet to released to the public by MAPPA.

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With the increasing number of Chainsaw Man fans, some viewers have found it necessary to make their peers aware that they have been fans of the series for quite some time and are not to be included with the other crowd.


Meanwhile, other fans are busy sharing memes based on the series, most of which are focused on Pochita. This was bound to happen, as similar to any other anime with a mascot figure, Pochita acted in such a way for the Chainsaw Man series.

me waiting for the release of the anime

Otakus even shared their interpretation of how the anime cast members would have interacted with one another had they been real and filming the series rather than being animated. This included selfies, group pictures, and behind-the-stage pictures.

behind the scenes on the #chainsawman set#chainsawmanfanart

Meanwhile, others were seen sharing their reactions to the premiere. While some started dancing, others were crying tears of joy.

reminder that chainsaw man anime starts tomorrow
Chainsaw man finally here

In the meantime, other fans were looking forward to the opening theme, Look Back. However, they are yet to see the animation in the same, which could raise the anime to the next level.

Some fans took the time to appreciate the work put in by MAPPA to bring the series to life with such details. This included character designs, posters, and also several illustrations.

Not only has @/original_nasu been illustrating most of the promotional images for Chainsaw Man, but they will also be involved in animating for the anime series as well. All while being 20 years old. These some of their illustrations for Chainsaw Man so far.
the entire Chainsaw Man cast revealed #chainsawman
Makima’s car for her Public Safety duties. It’s an older model since Chainsaw Man takes place in 1997 #chainsawman

Fans even joked about how they would have preferred an illustration of Kobeni's car instead of Makima's Public Safety car. This was anticipated, considering how the car was ranked 7th in the manga's character popularity poll, beating Kobeni, Pochita, Yoshida, and Himeno.

The fact that the car was ranked only two spots behind the series' protagonist, Denji, really says something about the Chainsaw Man community. However, the character popularity rankings may change with the anime, which is set to premiere today.

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