Chainsaw Man anime all set to be MAPPA's masterpiece: Complete breakdown of full-length trailer

The long-awaited full-length trailer and release window for the Chainsaw Man anime have finally arrived (Image via MAPPA Studios)
The long-awaited full-length trailer and release window for the Chainsaw Man anime have finally arrived (Image via MAPPA Studios)
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Fans finally received the first full-length trailer for the Chainsaw Man anime adaptation on Friday, August 5, alongside an October 2022 release window and cast announcement. The news has the entire anime community abuzz, with fans praising choices in casting and, expectedly, the stellar animation MAPPA has seemingly infused the adaptation with.

Nearly every scene in the trailer is absolutely breathtaking, even with simple moments such as the opening shot of Makima walking into a warehouse. Furthermore, fans are discussing how many of the shots in the trailer seem to come from the Bat Devil arc, which many consider the first major arc in Chainsaw Man’s story.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down the new, full-length trailer of MAPPA Studios’ Chainsaw Man anime adaptation.

Chainsaw Man anime adaptation flexes incredible animation, “rising star” voice cast in panel which features full-length series trailer

Trailer breakdown

Chainsaw Man TV Anime New PV.

As aforementioned, the long wait for a full-length Chainsaw Man anime adaptation trailer has finally come to an end, with Friday, August 5’s MAPPA Studios panel debuting the said trailer. The animation has left fans stunned with its quality, certainly living up to and borderline exceeding the standards MAPPA had previously set with the likes of Jujutsu Kaisen.

The trailer begins with a shot from the end of Chainsaw Man’s first chapter, where Makima discovers Denji after he kills the Zombie Devil which she was after. As she speaks, various shots of metropolitan Tokyo are seen, interspersed with a shot showing blood splatter on stairs, another of some bloody water, and one of Denji’s run-down shack in which he first lives.

A small section of the credits play out before returning to Denji and Pochita in bed with one another as Denji’s voice actor speaks. Shots of Makima then play out, beginning with her in front of the Public Safety Commission higher-ups. She’s seen looking at an unknown subject before two scenes of her drinking in a car and one of her seemingly in a meeting are shown.

CSM trailer shots looks crazy.Don't be angry with me if I say the background art isn't something out of the ordinary, I've seen similar or better bg art, not to put down this one though.What caught my attention is the shading on each characters, very cinematic.

Aki Hayakawa then comes into the trailer’s focus, first establishing a shot of him in an alleyway before showing him seemingly relaxing in his apartment. Power then makes her debut in the trailer, which seems to reveal the anime’s version of her introduction based on her movements. She’s then seen running naked down the road before discussing her dislike for humans.

A young Denji is then seen standing at his father’s grave, with the Yakuza bosses to whom he owed some money sitting in the car behind him. His younger self is then shown running as it transitions into shots of an older Denji before once more showing him in bed with Pochita at the home they share.

This is followed by what appear to be shots of Denji’s death, interspersed with a flashback to the time he asked Pochita to take over his body should he ever die. As he lets out what seems to be a death cry, Makima can be heard speaking as the head and arm of his Chainsaw Man form appear.


This is then followed by Denji’s transformation sequence, which is as violent as one would expect from the uncensored Chainsaw Man anime adaptation. Shots of Denji in his transformed form fighting the Bat Devil then play out, with credits interspersed before showing him fighting the Zombie Devil. This segues into the Leech Devil fight, which is a part of the Bat Devil arc.

Power is then seen jumping off a roof while using her ability to conjure up a hammer, likely joining in on the fight against the Bat Devil and/or Leech Devil based on the scenery. Another shot of Denji versus the Zombie Devil plays out before quickly segueing into Aki Hayakawa using his Fox Devil powers to attack the Leech Devil.

Denji is then seen fighting the Leech Devil once more before this quickly transitions into a shot of him fighting the Bat Devil, distinguishable by the purple, fleshy limb becoming gray and furry. The trailer's final moments see Chainsaw Man diving through a pool of purple blood, presumably chopping up an enemy to cause such a flow.

Fujimoto Sensei's Comment on new Chainsawman trailer: “Good with lots of blood” #CSM

The trailer then ends by displaying the series’ logo, cast, and staff credits and announcing the October 2022 release window. While no official date has been confirmed yet, fans can likely expect the series to debut closer to Halloween, given Chainsaw Man's supernatural tone.

Be sure to keep up with all Chainsaw Man anime and manga news, as well as general anime, manga, film, and live-action news, as 2022 progresses.

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