Chainsaw Man Episode 1 rules social media with its opening track and gratuitous violence

Chainsaw Man
Denji from Chainsaw Man (Image via MAPPA)

Chainsaw Man is finally here, and fans of the series have taken over Twitter with their love for the series premiere, its opening, and the gore that the anime has brought with it. The anime was hyped up to be the anime of the year, and the premiere hasn't let fans down, exceeding any and all expectations they had of it.

Tatsuki Fujimoto's Chainsaw Man instantly made its way into the viewers' hearts, as fans found the first episode to be simply amazing, with a funky opening, backed up by beautiful animation. The episode itself was a love letter to Fujimoto from MAPPA, as it adapted the manga's first chapter way better than expected, and fans are ready to see more of it.

Chainsaw Man premiere takes over Twitter with fans showing love for its opening and gore

The Chainsaw Man premiere took over Twitter as fans shared their love for episode 1. Fans had been waiting for the premiere and shared memes on how much of a special day it was for them as fans of the series.

That first episode hit as much as reading the first few chapters did so I had to do it. #chainsawman #MAPPA
Bout watch this chainsaw man

Meanwhile, other fans were not happy with the amount of hype the anime was getting, as it would cause the anime to become mainstream, and get ruined by social media and toxic fans. Some fans were simply trying to avoid any spoilers before they could watch the episode in their own time.

me when chainsaw man is no longer the cool manga i started a year ago and now a mainstream anime
me trynna not see any chainsaw man spoilers yet

Nevertheless, fans were happy that the anime had finally aired, and were ready to witness Denji's story as a Devil Hunter.

average chainsaw man enjoyer today
Pochita , today is your day

Even before the anime premiered, the opening was released on social media by MAPPA. Fans absolutely loved the opening and found it to be wholesome how MAPPA was able to capture each character's quirks perfectly without referencing much from the manga itself.

How deep of an understanding of Chainsaw Man do you have to have to craft an opening that doesn't take itself seriously in order to pay respect to Fujimoto's love of films, the manga's absurd humor, and it's pin-point accurate character quirks. Shingo Yamashita is a genius.

One fan even pointed out how in the opening, when Denji crashes into the walls, the holes in the walls look like "C," "S," and "M," which is short for Chainsaw Man.

Chainsaw Man opening and ending references and details thread:1 - In the #ChainsawMan opening, Denji crashes 3 times after getting knocked into the air. The holes his body creates look like the letters "C" "S" "M"#chainsawman #csm

Tatsuki Fujimoto is known to be a big lover of movies, which is evident from his one-shot manga Goodbye Eri. Thus, the opening itself is inspired by several movie scenes, as the characters in the anime are currently picked to match the attributes and quirks the characters from the movie scenes carry.

Fujimoto is a big fan of movies so it's not a surprise the opening is filled with references to them

As for the references themselves, as pointed out by Twitter user @NezukoSocial, they seem to be inspired by No Country for Old Men, The Big Lebowski, Pulp Fiction, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Sadako vs Kayako, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Constantine, The Divine Comedy, Manipulacion de los medios, Don’t Look Up, Jacob’s Ladder, Reservoir Dogs, Tatsuki Fujimoto's explosions in Chainsaw Man Part 2 and Goodbye Eri.

As for the final dance routine done by Denji and Power, one fan believes it to be a reference to Mickey's dance in Mickey Mouse Club House. Talking about the dance, fans absolutely loved the last bit as it clearly portrayed the dynamic between the trio, Denji, Power, and Hayakawa, as Denji and Power are acting like their idiotic self while Aki is fed up with their dumb victory dance.


Fans loved the opening and couldn't stop themselves from reloading it over and over.

As for the episode itself, fans showered it with love, as it was rightfully able to draw in the fans into the Chainsaw Man lore and is bound to have them glued to future episodes every Tuesday.

Heard lots about CSM but never read it. MAPPA have done a really good job as usual with animation quality. Will definitely continue this series by reading the manga after all 12 episodes have aired for this season πŸ‘ #ChainsawMan
I just finished watching the first episode of #ChainsawMan and I absolutely loved it. It did such a great job pulling me into its world and keeping me engaged during its 20min runtime. Such a strong introduction. I can't wait to see more next week.

For some otakus, Chainsaw Man's episode was absurdly good, as it was able to draw them in, leaving them to think of the episode as peak anime, with more to come in the future.

the first episode of chainsaw man was peak. enough said

Chainsaw Man fans who read the manga were already in love with characters like Makima and Power, and thus being able to finally see them get animated was a dream come true for them.

Makima is beautifully drawn 🍭
How y'all wish it was *you* in Denji's place!!!! #chainsawman
Power from the Chainsaw Man anime is so beautiful πŸ’—

With the anime having only aired the first episode, Chainsaw Man fans have so much more to look forward to as they are left counting down the days left for next Tuesday to arrive.

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