Chainsaw Man: Why the Hayakawa family dynamic is different from other anime trios 

The Hayakawa family
The Hayakawa family's incredibly unique circumstances lead to an unbreakable and irreplicable bond (Image via MAPPA Studios)

Chainsaw Man’s latest episode saw Denji and Power’s friendship cemented amidst a cacophony of devil-hunting, yelling, and destruction as Power’s pet cat, Meowy, was rescued. Shortly after, fans saw Power assigned to live with Aki Hayakawa and Denji in the former’s apartment at the orders of Makima herself.

With this, Chainsaw Man’s ever-important protagonistic shonen trio is cemented, with the three set to become a true family while living with one another. However, there’s something particularly unique about the bond they cultivate and will eventually share with one another.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down why Chainsaw Man’s Hayakawa family dynamic is uniquely different from other anime trios.

Chainsaw Man Hayakawa family’s unique circumstances will create a bond deeper than any other shonen trio

From the moment Aki and Power are introduced in the series, it’s clear that the two of them, as well as Denji, have different personalities from one another with almost no commonalities. Fans particularly saw this in play with Power’s arrival at Aki’s apartment in Episode 4, where her actions completely upset their house’s previously established tranquility.

While Denji’s moving in with Aki was also chaotic and disruptive for the latter, the blond protagonist was at least amicable about adjusting his lifestyle based on how they’ve gotten along since then. Meanwhile, Power seems set on maintaining her Devilish lifestyle, despite being afforded the amenities of human civilization.

While this may have anime viewers worried about how their relationship with one another will play out, they can rest assured that this family does learn to get along later in the series. In fact, it’s how they bond with each other and learn to live together that makes their family dynamic so unique.

The trio of Public Safety Devil Hunters go to work each day, not knowing if it’s their last and whether or not they’ll be able to make a difference as they leave. It’s a tragedy that fans will see play out in Chainsaw Man many times, particularly towards the latter end of the first cour and in the second cour.

As the three characters experience these shared losses together while simultaneously surviving with their coworkers, an indescribable and unbreakable bond will be formed between them. The three, who currently hate each other and are forced to live with one another, will become a true, unbreakable family, as demonstrated by their actions later in the series.

Furthermore, the three will be shown to be fantastic at comforting one another when they experience the loss of one of their coworkers. As in a real family, their grieving process will be a shared one, with the manga especially highlighting how important the bond they share can be in overcoming these mourning and sorrowful emotions.


Although the Chainsaw Man anime hasn’t gotten to that point yet. However, fans won’t have to wait long until they see this support system being animated in the series. The emotional development that will be established with the progress of the anime will only aid in showcasing the sibling love between the three. This juncture in their relationship would be significant as it would present a stark contrast with the various other shonen anime trios, such as Eren, Mikasa, and Armin from Attack on Titan, or Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke from Demon Slayer, among others.

Simultaneously, viewers who have read the manga express not only hope but show a vote of confidence in MAPPA Studios taking the demonstration of this bond and cranking it up to an 11.

In any scenario, the unique circumstances of the Chainsaw Man world, the plot, and its characters will play a massive role in the bond that they will end up sharing. In turn, the incredible distinctiveness of these circumstances will create a bond between the Hayakawa family that would be truly irreplaceable.

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