Chainsaw Man: Why Kobeni is one of the fandom's most beloved character, explained

Kobeni from Chainsaw Man (Image via MAPPA)
Kobeni from Chainsaw Man (Image via MAPPA)

Chainsaw Man is the latest anime sensation, and it has been gaining traction even before the anime premiered this year. Tatsuki Fujimoto's manga has introduced anime fans to some of the best new characters, such as Power and Denji, who have risen quickly up the popularity ladder.

Another character who appears to be a fan favorite is the innocent and meek Kobeni Higashiyama. Among the swarm of intense and larger-than-life personas, she is regarded as one of, if not the, most relatable characters in the series.

Chainsaw Man fans have chosen Kobeni as one of their new favorites

In Chainsaw Man, Kobeni Higashiyama is a rookie Public Safety Devil Hunter who is unafraid to show her cowardly nature when confronted with lethal entities. She is portrayed as a petite lady, which matches her shy and demure personality.

Regardless of her job requiring her to interact with and expel dangerous and malicious Devils, Kobeni admits to being terrified of them. She is regarded as a charming character who shines on the sidelines due to her desire to be true to herself.

Despite her cowardly nature, she has never quit her job and has always completed the missions successfully. Fans have identified this trait as one that we all embody as day-to-day hustlers trying to get through a long day's work. Her background as a child born into a low-income family and practically forced to take on the dangerous job of a devil hunter demonstrates that Kobeni is anything but a one-dimensional persona.

Kobeni begins to babble as soon as she feels the crumbling pressure of a tight situation, which provides comic relief in and of itself. But it is her fear that triggers her survival instincts and reveals why she made it to one of the most powerful teams of devil hunters.

In episode 5 of Chainsaw Man, when Himeno’s team was led to the hotel in their search for the Gun Devil, Kobeni, despite being terrified at first, demonstrates her skill as a devil hunter when she takes down a devil while maintaining her cool-headed demeanor.

Moreover, Kobeni’s love for food and alcohol further elevates her relatability as a character and establishes her as a fan favorite.

Shueisha organizes official popularity polls for all its beloved manga publications, and the publication house has conducted the poll twice for Chainsaw Man in 2020 and 2021. Both times, Kobeni Higashiyama has managed to stay in the top 10. The buzz for her in the online fan community has seen a steady rise as well, which serves as proof that this deceptively plain character has much to offer. We are confident that Kobeni will continue to rise in popularity as the anime continues to bring her to life.

The next episode of Chainsaw Man will be released on Wednesday, December 28, 2022. For international viewers, the series is available on Crunchyroll. We encourage fans to watch the show through official sources in order to support the production house and mangaka.