Demon Slayer: What happens to Nezuko at the end of the manga?

Nezuko is one of the most important characters in the Demon Slayer series (Image via oyoharu Gotouge/Shueisha, Viz, Demon Slayer)
Nezuko is one of the most important characters in the Demon Slayer series (Image via oyoharu Gotouge/Shueisha, Viz, Demon Slayer)

With Chapter 205, the Demon Slayer manga has ended. Unlike many other mangas, the final chapter of this series saw a huge time skip and a three generation jump. Interestingly enough, this chapter was based in modern day Tokyo and gave readers a glimpse of the future that Tanjiro and his comrades were fighting for.

Speaking of that, Tanjiro and his friends were fighting for Nezuko, one of the most interesting characters in the series. Though she was born a human, Nezuko was turned into a demon by none other than Muzan Kibutsuji.

Over the entire course of the manga, Tanjiro and his friends tried hard to find a way to turn Nezuko into a human again.

Demon Slayer: The fate of Nezuko


As the series progressed, Tanjiro worked really hard to protect his sister. He carried her around in a box to protect her from the sunlight. Nezuko remained inside the box for the most part, only coming out to fight when her brother was in danger. Since she was now a demon, she could achieve extraordinary feats and go toe-to-toe with other demons as well.

When Tanjiro met the other Hashira of the Demon Slayer corps, they wanted to kill Nezuko for being a demon. However, Tanjiro and Giyu protected her, vowing to end her life with their own blade if she ever attacked a human. This never happened because despite being a demon, she exercised exemplary control over herself.

She remained a demon for a large part of the series. However, towards the end of the series, her human transformation begins. This transformation is caused by the medicine created by Tamayo, another demon who happens to be a very skilled doctor. This medicine was administered to Nezuko by Urokodaki sensei. He returned during the Infinity Castle arc to care for Tanjiro's sister in the Demon Slayer manga.


Nezuko remained out of the equation because she was resting after being given the medicine. However, at some point in Demon Slayer Chapter 185, she ran out to save her brother. The incident led many to believe that the medicine hadn't worked.

However, in one of the later chapters, readers saw one of Nezuko's eyes changing back to normal, confirming that the medicine was indeed working. Her final human transformation occurs in Chapter 196 of the manga.

Ultimately, Nezuko survives and finally turns into a human after being stuck as a demon for so long. Despite turning into a human, she's one of the prime reasons why Tanjiro could defeat Muzan, even after almost being turned into a demon himself. The manga comes to a conclusion after the fight with Muzan.

The protagonists have won, and peace has been restored. The final chapter, as mentioned before, contains a time skip, and readers get to witness the future.

Almost every character in the series was reincarnated in the final chapter of the manga. Overall, the final chapter is a nice conclusion to a really amazing series. While some would argue that the conclusion felt slightly off, a majority of the fans believe that this ending was indeed the best way that Demon Slayer could have ended.