Demon Slayer: Why does Iguro Obanai dislike Tanjiro Kamado so much? Explained

Why Iguro Obanai dislikes Tanjiro Kamado in Demon Slayer series
Demon Slayer and Iguro Obanai's dislike of Tanjiro (Image via Ufotable)

Demon Slayer has a lot of characters who have become very prominent and popular throughout the years, with Iguro Obanai being one of them. However, while his relationship with Mitsuri Kanroji is one of the highest points for the character, a lot of fans also want to know why Iguro dislikes Tanjiro Kamado so much.

That is something that a lot of people noticed during the Hashira Training arc, with the Serpent Hashira constantly being harsh toward the protagonist, and a lot of Demon Slayer fans don't know the reason.

However, that is mostly due to the relationship Tanjiro has with Mitsuri and Nezuko Kamado, which is explained during the aforementioned arc.

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Explaining why Iguro Obanai dislikes Tanjiro Kamado in the Demon Slayer series

One of the strongest reasons Iguro dislikes Tanjiro is because of the fact that Nezuko Kamado, the latter's sister, is a demon.

That began when Tanjiro had an audience with the Hashira and was going to be executed because of his association with a demon. Despite the fact that the Kamado siblings proved their innocence, some of the characters involved didn't forget this.

Iguro was someone who didn't forget that and still didn't like Tanjiro, which was shown during the events of the Hashira Training arc. Of course, as time goes on, they begin to develop a stronger relationship and begin to trust one another a bit more, which is something that comes in full force in the events of the final during the Infinity Castle.

The other reason they didn't get along very well was because Tanjiro and Mitsuri had developed a stronger relationship after the events of the Swordsmith Village arc, which is something that Iguro didn't like.

As most fans of the series know, Mitsuri and Iguro have a romantic relationship, and the latter is fairly jealous when it comes to the former, which is something that plays into his dislike of Tanjiro.

The character of Iguro throughout the series

Iguro and Mitsuri in the anime (Image via Ufotable)
Iguro and Mitsuri in the anime (Image via Ufotable)

There is a strong argument to be made that Iguro Obanai is the one Hashira in the Demon Slayer series that perhaps got the least development throughout the years.

That is something that a lot of fans have mentioned regarding the series finale, with Iguro struggling to have a prominent role in the story and having a somewhat tasteless death at the hands of Muzan.

He stands out because of his merciless personality and how loyal he is to the Demon Slayer Corps, which is something that comes in full force during the events of the Hashira Training arc.

His extreme loyalty is an element that didn't have a lot of relevance in the story moving forward, which was perhaps the wrong decision, although his relationship with Mitsuri is highly regarded as the character's best trait throughout the series.

Final thoughts

One of the reasons Iguro Obanai dislikes Tanjiro is because his sister is a demon, and that makes him distrust both characters, who come in full force during the events of the Hashira Training arc. Another major element is his jealousy because Tanjiro develops a good friendship with Mitsuri, who is Iguro's love interest in Demon Slayer, which is also shown in that storyline.

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