10 most disliked characters in all of Dragon Ball

Jiren is one of the most disliked Dragon Ball characters (Image by Bandai Namco)
Jiren is one of the most disliked Dragon Ball characters (Image by Bandai Namco)

Dragon Ball has had some great characters over the years, and some hated ones.

It's not pleasing for everyone, as some characters tend to grate on fans so much that they make all the worst lists. While not technically being the worst in Dragon Ball, these characters are heavily disliked. There are an infinite number of reasons why, ranging from being bland to being overhyped.

Without further ado, the 10 most disliked characters in all of Dragon Ball.

Note: This list is solely the author's opinion and highly subjective. Spoilers for all of Dragon Ball (Z, GT, and Super included).

Dragon Ball's 10 most disliked characters

10) Bacterian

A show of hands, how many remember this guy? He was a contestant in the 21st World Martial Arts tournament in the original Dragon Ball that Krillin, Goku, and Master Roshi (disguised as Jackie Chun) competed in. He fought Krillin in the quarter-finals.

The only thing people would remember is the guy's stench. His only real attack and quality was that he was so smelly that he couldn't be approached, let alone fought without people being overpowered by the smell. Krillin got rid of him after Goku reminded him that he didn't have a nose!

He's later killed by one of King Piccolo's minions and revived in a garbage dump. He's disliked mostly because of that being his one trait, he's a very grotesque smelling man. Other than that, he's largely forgettable.

9) Pan (GT)

Dragon Ball GT isn't quite remembered with the same degree of fondness as Dragon Ball Z or the original Dragon Ball. In fact, it was remembered as rather slow and plodding with the villains either being carbon copied or uninteresting.

One particular standout is Pan, the young daughter of Gohan. Now, Pan being just a baby in Super is one thing since she's super adorable and leads to many comedic segments.

Pan in Dragon Ball GT got ruined by the writing. Despite having had all the potential in the world, she never rose to the occasion. The action always focused on either Kid Goku or Trunks, and she was always damseled in one fashion or another.

Basically, a lot of fans have said the writers tried to do Bulma from Dragon Ball again, only forgetting what made her work. Likewise, not taking advantage of the fact that there were three people who could've gone Super Saiyan.

8) Chi Chi (Z and Super)

Android 18 and Bulma are, at the very least, respected for actively helping the heroes and generally having fun stories. To put it mildly, Chi Chi doesn't. It's understandable why she's the way she is (loud, screechy, overprotective of Gohan, etc.) but it kinda grates on the fan's nerves that she doesn't contribute more to the overall narrative.

Not just in fighting either, but when was the last time she and Goku ate together or had a conversation that didn't end with her blowing up at him? Which she does. A lot. It's understandable why, mind, especially when he destroyed their house and didn't want to be there for Pan.

Bottom line, Chi Chi needs to do more other than cook and worry about Goku and scolding.

7) Goten

Goten should've been more than what he is. To clarify, Goten and Trunks are nice to have but the latter got the majority of screentime, character development, and actual things to do in Z and Super. One would think that Goten, being Goku's son, would get to do something rather than just exist.

Granted, yes, he and Trunks form Gotenks and that is pretty cool. But there's little else to him beyond getting kidnapped once in the Copy-Vegeta saga of Super.

6) Adult Gohan (Great Saiyaman)

Adult Gohan could be on this list for many reasons. He downgraded from where he was in Z, and felt almost discarded by the narrative afterward.

He's on this list because of the Great Saiyaman. A desire to do good combined with wanting to stay anonymous feeds into the classic superhero dilemma. The only problem is the over-the-top manner of it, it made it really annoying really fast.

5) Zamasu

Controversial as Zamasu may be to be on a list like this, it has more to do with his ending than anything else. His general looks? Cool. His attacks? Awesome. His whole motive for killing Goku, and all mortals in general, in the anime? It's great!

But then the fatigue sets in, wherein the Future Trunks arc could've ended in any number of ways. Then when it does end, it's left on what is probably the worst ending note in Dragon Ball.

Zamasu goes full eldritch horror and swallows Trunk's universe, then he has to be destroyed via Zeno and a new universe born in its place.

What starts off as a cool villain ends up on a sour note.

4) Ribrianne

You know what's more grating than a cool villain ending up on a sour note? A really annoying one taking up way too much screentime.

Ribrianne is the transformed state of Brianne de Chateau, Universe 2's idol/magical girl parody, and is a very, very heavily disliked antagonist. She's hypocritical, selfish, loud, screentime stealing from what could be interesting fighters, and the magical girl parody aspect goes way too hard.

Seriously, even when Hercule/Mr. Satan is less annoying, you know someone messed up somewhere.

3) Broly (Z)

Ohh boy, top 3 spot and it's Broly. From Dragon Ball Z no less!

Broly may have been a domineering presence when he first showed up in the Dragon Ball movie Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan, but that's all he had going for him. His backstory was stupid, he had the subtly of a sledgehammer and yet, he was popular.

Broly was included in everything from the games to being reborn, to even getting his own sequels! But it didn't take audiences long to realize that there wasn't much for Broly aside from the screaming Goku's name and the huge muscles.

Audiences wouldn't get a well-written version of Broly until Kale in the Tournament of Power and then Broly himself in the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie.

2) Super Android 17

If Jiren hadn't stomped into the scene, Super Android 17 would top the list!

Super Android 17 is notorious for being a Dragon Ball GT villain with almost no presence in his own arc, as strong as SS4 Goku, and an extremely inexplicable origin. He's an evil version of Android 17 made and birthed out of hell and a fusion of both 17s. That's all he has.

His fighting style is very similar to other androids, he has very little personality, and to top it off, GT wastes too much time with other villains in his arc.

1) Jiren


Stoic is an emotion, people! Being calm and cool whereas everyone else is loud and boisterous is a character trait that many characters have (Aqualad from Young Justice, Marcus Fenix in Gears of War, etc). So, why is Jiren on this list if we exclude him from his stoicism?

Put simply, he's pushed out like he's the best thing since sliced bread when there's little to him beyond being super powerful.

His backstory is very generic, his strength is not impressive when literal gods are in attendance and he seems more like a parody. He's so strong he can break time?!

A counter example to Jiren? Piccolo joined the good guys and is usually the calm and collected one, but always adds something (snark, aid for the good guys, his techniques and weighted clothing) to whatever fight he's in.

Bottom line, Jiren gets the most flak for being painfully generic and not very interesting other than being super powerful. The problem is Dragon Ball has plenty of villains that go beyond super powerful and even further beyond into interesting characters that challenge the protagonists on multiple levels!

Jiren just doesn't have Frieza's sadism and narcissism, or Cell's smarts, or Buu's unpredictability!


These were the 10 most disliked characters in Dragon Ball. They range from the misused (Chi Chi, Pan, Goten) to overused (Broly, Jiren). Again, this list is entirely subjective. One person's hatred may be another person's beloved, keep that in mind.