Dragon Ball Super chapter 91 focuses on Piccolo and Pan’s quality time as Krillin is put on a new case

The latest alleged Dragon Ball Super chapter 91 spoilers show fans why Piccolo is so invested in Pan while racing toward the Super Hero film
The latest alleged Dragon Ball Super chapter 91 spoilers show fans why Piccolo is so invested in Pan while racing toward the Super Hero film's events (Image via Toei Animation)

The full summary spoilers of Dragon Ball Super chapter 91 were released on Sunday, March 12, 2023, at roughly 9.30 pm EST. Following the last issue’s events, which saw Dr. Hedo incarcerated, presumably up until the events of the Super Hero film, chapter 91 continues to build towards the film’s events.

Dragon Ball Super chapter 91 also gives viewers a refreshing and engaging focus on Pan and Piccolo’s quality time, setting up the latter’s investment in the former during the film. Moreover, author Akira Toriyama and illustrator Toyotarou are looking to quickly wrap up the arc, which comes as welcome news to many disgruntled fans.

Dragon Ball Super chapter 91 sees current arc continue to fill in the blanks for events of Super Hero film

The full summary spoilers of Dragon Ball Super chapter 91 claims that the issue will begin with Piccolo picking up Pan from school. As other children appear and meet their parents, so does Pan, asking Piccolo why her mother, Videl, and father, Gohan, couldn’t come. Piccolo tells her that they both had things to do, prompting Pan to add that she’s happy about seeing him.

He smiles in response, asking her if she wants to stop by his house. Upon arriving, Pan begins practicing fighting moves, pretending to be Saiyaman. Piccolo enquires her about Saiyaman, to which she reveals Goten and Trunks’ secret to him. He responds that he doesn’t understand what goes on in the Saiyan’s heads.

Dragon Ball Super chapter 91’s full summary spoilers then reveals that Chi-Chi got furious because Goten and Trunks stopped studying in favor of doing their heroing. Piccolo laughs and says that’s a very Chi-Chi thing to do, with Pan adding that she would also like to be a superhero.

As if on cue, the frog Pan was playing with begins jumping towards a hill, which Piccolo warns her is dangerous but she chases the frog anyway. While it appears as though Pan is going to fall, she is able to hold onto a branch and save the frog. A surprised Piccolo jokes that she’s tougher than she looks, asking her if she wants to train with him to become a hero.

Dragon Ball Super chapter 91 shows a happy and excited Pan jumping on Piccolo’s head and celebrating before the issue shifts perspectives to West City. Here, police are discussing the Red Ribbon Army, recounting how their first attack was over 30 years ago and that they still plan to take over the world.

One officer questions why Magenta, the president of a pharmaceutical company (who first debuted in the June 2022 film Super Hero), is involved with the organization. The police chief says that it’s just a scheme to raise funds, as Krillin is called in and has everything they know about Dr. Hedo explained to him.


This includes his connection to Dr. Gero, who is Hedo’s paternal grandfather, as well as what he plans to do now. The spoilers also claim that Dr. Hedo has obtained all of the data “from his father’s efforts,” which would seemingly reference the unnamed son of Dr. Gero and Vomi. However, the full summary’s author most likely meant to type “grandfather” here in reference to Dr. Gero himself.

Nevertheless, Dragon Ball Super chapter 91’s spoilers claim that Dr. Hedo plans to use the data he obtained, which will “be the end” if he chooses to do so. Dr. Hedo and Magenta’s plans are set to occur in three months’ time, meaning the police will need to do something about the pair before then.

The chapter then shifts perspectives for a second and final time, where a robotic insect is seen arriving at the “Red Foundation.” Carmine, the personal assistant and chauffeur to Magenta, says that they finally managed to find Dr. Hedo. The chapter ends with him specifying that they don’t need to pursue him immediately and can let him do what he’s doing until the time has come to take over the world.

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