Dragon Ball Super manga sees an uncertain future following indefinite hiatus

Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super manga faces indefinite hiatus (Image via Sportskeeda)

Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou's Dragon Ball Super has been on an indefinite hiatus since the manga announced its break in August 2022. Dragon Ball Super usually releases its new chapters around the 19th-20th of every month. However, we received no chapter this month as well.

Dragon Ball Super chapter 87 announced how the manga would take a break to prepare for the next arc. Whis hinting that the strongest warrior in the Universe may have appeared elsewhere in the final spread left fans with a lot to look forward to. However, with no announcement, fans are skeptical of the manga's return in the near future.

Dragon Ball Super fans are unsure about the manga's future

It has been two months since the last Dragon Ball Super chapter was released, and there is no new update. While fans were aware that the manga would not return in this month's V Jump, they expected the magazine to share some details about the same, possibly giving them a tentative window for the start of the new arc. However, they were left in doubt about the manga's return.

Since the last chapter of Dragon Ball Super manga was released on August 19, 2022, there's a good chance it will return in December 2022.

Earlier this year, it was announced that Granolah the Survivor Arc will finish this year, with the next arc beginning this year as well. So, given that DBS manga publishes its chapters monthly, it would hardly have been a hiatus if the manga released its new chapter after only a month. Hence, the new arc could either start in November or December this year.

However, considering there was no announcement about the same in this month's V Jump, it is presumed that the manga will not be returning from its hiatus in November's V Jump issue.

Instead, the manga released an Interval Special on V Jump, in what seems to be the character profiles and re-introduction to all the characters that appeared in the sequel series.

What to expect from Dragon Ball Super chapter 88?

Black Frieza as seen in the manga (Image via Viz Media)
Black Frieza as seen in the manga (Image via Viz Media)

Dragon Ball Super chapter 87, titled The Universe's Strongest Appears, brought a big twist into the mix as Frieza made his appearance during Goku and Vegeta's final stand against Gas. However, the surprising part was how easily he could take down "Universe's Strongest Fighter" compared to how Goku, Vegeta, and Granolah faired against him.

Frieza revealed how he was in a Room of Spirit and Time, due to which he may have been excluded from Gas's wish to become the strongest fighter in the universe, given how the Room of Spirit and Time takes people to another dimension altogether. As for his time in the room itself, he made use of it to train for ten years, which helped him power up into his new form, "Black Frieza," using which he was able to knock down both Goku and Vegeta instantly.

Goku and Vegeta shocked by Whis's appearance (Image via Viz Media)
Goku and Vegeta shocked by Whis's appearance (Image via Viz Media)

Thus, it is expected that the next arc, starting with Dragon Ball Super chapter 88, may focus on Frieza as the antagonist. Granolah could also help Goku and Vegeta in this endeavor.

Also, considering how Gohan and Piccolo powered up and Broly started training with Whis in the new movie, they could also play vital roles in the next arc.