Dragon Ball Super manga teases Frieza’s return as the ‘Greatest warrior in the universe'

Will Frieza unlock a new power soon? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Will Frieza unlock a new power soon? (Image via Sportskeeda)

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Super’s manga and will reflect the author’s opinion.

Now that Gas was defeated thanks to the combined efforts of Goku, Vegeta, and Granolah, Dragon Ball Super’s manga is moving on to something new and exciting. For a while, fans believed Gas to be the strongest warrior in the universe, due to the wish that was granted to him.

However, Chapter 87, titled The Greatest Warrior in the Universe, could prove all those who believed Gas to be the mightiest wrong. Continue reading to learn more about why the events that occurred in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87 could be hinting at the return of an old fan-favorite villain.

Could Frieza be the mysterious enemy teased at the end of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87?

Frieza as seen in Dragon Ball Super (Image via Toei Animation)
Frieza as seen in Dragon Ball Super (Image via Toei Animation)

Yesterday, leaks about the upcoming Dragon Ball Super chapter were circulating around the internet. Among them, there was confirmation that Gas is either dead or in the process of dying, which means he will no longer be a threat to our heroes.

Still, there is no time to relax yet, as a new and powerful opponent has arrived at Planet Cereal with the intent of killing Goku and his friends. The leaks of the chapter revealed that the episode will end with the revelation of a mighty new opponent, who will make their grandiose entrance by killing Monato.

Let’s not forget that the death of Monaito not onlymeans no more healing, but it also means no more Dragon Balls that seem to have no cool-down time 👀

As of now, there is no official statement of who this strong adversary may be, although fans are fairly certain they already know that the Galactic Emperor, Frieza, is this mysterious figure. If this is true, the title of the chapter could be hinting at Frieza having achieved his dreams of becoming the strongest, something that could prove extremely problematic for the Saiyans.

Why do fans believe Frieza is behind Monato’s death?

#dbspoilers If a ray looks like this and hits a Namekian healer, you know who did that.You do, right? 👀

The leaks for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87 revealed that Monato will die due to a laser beam going through his chest. As fans of the franchise will know, even though almost any technique can be used by more than one character, there is one in particular who is fond of thin lasers, Frieza.

Ever since his introduction during the Namek Saga, Frieza has always made use of small, quick laser beams. Not only have we seen him use them to kill people in a manner similar to Monato’s death, but also to cause massive damage to characters like Piccolo. Only a few people in the Dragon Ball Super universe could use such a technique.

Due to this, fans are speculating about Frieza’s return in this upcoming chapter. While he has not been a prominent player in the latest arc, his influence over the galaxy has had an impact on the story. Most of the characters involved in the Granolah Survivor arc either work with Frieza or want to fight him in some way.

Nonetheless, there is still an important topic we need to discuss since Frieza’s return this time could spell doom for our heroes. For a while., fans have been theorizing that Gas was never the strongest warrior in the universe, which could be confirmed if Frieza returns.

Could Frieza be the ultimate warrior?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87 is titled: “The Greatest Warrior in the Universe Revealed” #DBSpoilers

In a past chapter of Dragon Ball Super manga, the oracle fish, who knows everything about Universe 7, was confused when Whis claimed Gas was the strongest fighter. Since then, fans have been waiting for the revelation of the actual mightiest warrior.

Given that the title for Chapter 87 specifies that the greatest warrior will be a part of its story, fans believe that the mysterious enemy shown at the end will indeed be the greatest. If what fans are speculating about Frieza ends up being correct, this would mean Frieza has somehow become the most powerful warrior in existence.

Dragon ball super chapter 84 leaksTitle The greatest warrior in the universe is revealed.😑Ho Ho Ho the Emperor of the Universe Freiza the 🐐 is here to save the arc. As Monaito is shot with a beam looking very much like a death beam. 🔥🥶💯

Fans know that Frieza’s race is filled with extremely capable warriors whose base power level is already well above average. With a little training, they can become exponentially stronger, rivaling even the power of a Super Saiyan Blue.

While this has not been confirmed yet by the leaks, if Frieza makes his comeback in Chapter 87, Goku and Vegeta could be facing an even stronger Emperor.

Final Thoughts

@DBSChronicles Frieza has to show up at some point in this bloody arc the Heaters and Granolah's motivations are surrounding him.

Frieza has been an iconic part of Dragon Ball’s history ever since he was first introduced. After being resurrected in Dragon Ball Super, he has been a key player in many important events in the series. With his name constantly being mentioned during the manga’s latest arc, it was obvious he would make an appearance at some point.

Still, no one could have imagined something like what chapter 87’s leaks are hinting at. Frieza could make a comeback, only this time he will be stronger than even Goku and Vegeta. If fans’ theories are correct, we could see the fiercest battle ever between the Saiyans and their old arch-nemesis.

@SaikyouPotara whoever shot that KNOWS that Monaito can heal KNOWS that saiyans get stronger from battle and living from it. Freiza would be the BEST option(or cooler lol) I really want to see what granolah will do with Frieza standing right there.

Right now, everything concerning Frieza’s involvement in Dragon Ball Super’s latest chapter is purely speculative, although most of the evidence points to him. We will have to wait until more information about the chapter is leaked, or until the official release of the chapter solves the mystery of who the greatest warrior in the universe is.

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