Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero: 5 ways the movie was disappointing (& 5 where it exceeded our expectations)

Do not try to hurt Gohan's little girl (Image credit: Akira Toriyama/ Shueisha, Viz Media, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero)
Do not try to hurt Gohan's little girl (Image credit: Akira Toriyama/ Shueisha, Viz Media, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero)

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was released a few days ago, and the fans that have been expecting this great film for months were elated because they could finally see it. The film has some amazing moments that viewers of all ages will enjoy.

But with every good thing, a bad one must come. As good as the movie was, some aspects of it left fans disappointed about what could have been. So, in this article, we will talk about the 5 features of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero that left fans disappointed and the 5 that made it all better.

Disclaimer: This article will be based on the author’s opinion and will contain spoilers for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. The list will not have an order.

These 5 things about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero could have been better

1) Cell Max not being able to speak

When Cell was hinted at as the main villain of the movie, fans all around the world lost their minds. Cell is one of the most beloved villains in the franchise. His ego, charismatic behavior, and overconfidence in his perfection made him one of the most iconic characters in the franchise.

But this iteration of Cell lost all the appeal the original had. Cell Max is a hulking mindless being that is unable to talk. It could have been an entirely new character and this would not have been a problem. But the fact that they used Cell as a selling factor makes Cell Max a huge disappointment.

2) Gohan's parenting skills

Piccolo wants Gohan to be a good dad (Image credit: Akira Toriyama/ Shueisha, Viz Media, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero)
Piccolo wants Gohan to be a good dad (Image credit: Akira Toriyama/ Shueisha, Viz Media, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero)

Gohan does not have the best parents. Goku was absent most of his life and when he was not, he would only train. Chichi, on the other hand, put way too much pressure on her firstborn since he was just a toddler.

It was shown during Dragon Ball Super that Gohan was trying to be a better parent than the ones he had. But this movie changes everything. Gohan is too busy to take care of his daughter, and once again, Piccolo has to do the job.

3) Bulma’s wish

For the past few years, the wishes Shenron has granted have not been as serious as they were before. An example is Dragon Ball Super: Broly. The wishes that Bulma and Frieza were going to ask for were completely silly.

But this new movie has taken that to a whole other level. Bulma used two wishes to make her behind bigger and elongate her eyelashes. We already knew she wanted to look younger, but these wishes were beyond silly.

4) It is very similar to Bio-Broly

Bio-Broly is not a good movie (Image credit: Akira Toriyama/ Shueisha, Viz Media, Dragon Ball Z. Bio-Broly)
Bio-Broly is not a good movie (Image credit: Akira Toriyama/ Shueisha, Viz Media, Dragon Ball Z. Bio-Broly)

One of the worst-received movies in Dragon Ball’s history is Bio-Broly. The premise of the movie is simple. An evil organization wanted to create a clone of Broly to take down Mr. Satan. But the experiment went wrong and a bulky and gooey Broly came out instead. Our heroes need to infiltrate the lab to defeat this monster.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is very similar, with all the bad parts of the movie, including the villains. Our heroes infiltrate an evil organization’s hideout to end up fighting against a humanoid monster. There were so many other movies they could have taken inspiration from.

5) The post-credit scene


When it was revealed that Vegeta would finally be able to defeat Goku during the end of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Vegeta fans jumped in excitement. This would finally prove that the prince of all Saiyans is stronger than the main character.

But the end of this training session was a bit of a letdown. Vegeta knocked Goku to the ground by lightly pushing him, with the prince following a few moments later.

They were both exhausted and in no condition to continue the fight. This hardly proves Vegeta is stronger than Goku, and in turn, became a disappointing part of the film.

These great moments are what you came to see Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero for

1) Orange Piccolo

Piccolo is one of the most iconic members of the Z warriors. He has been a part of the franchise since before we learned what a Saiyan was. We have seen him grow stronger alongside Goku and the rest. But he never got a form that was called his own.

He was able to become a Giant, but that skill is part of his Namekian nature. So, it was amazing to see Piccolo obtain not just more power, but a transformation that was exclusive to him. And the design of the Orange Piccolo is just awesome.

2) A loving tribute to a beloved Saga

The Cell Saga is probably the most beloved in all of Dragon Ball Z’s history. This Saga is remembered fondly by fans because of all the amazing and emotive moments it brought to us. And let’s not forget this was the first appearance of Super Saiyan 2 Gohan.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero's main premise deals with a couple of androids created by someone in Dr. Gero’s family that wants to destroy the Saiyans. Not only that, but it also has a transformation sequence for Gohan so similar to his first time as a Super Saiyan 2 that it cannot be a coincidence.

But the way the film handles itself makes this feel like its own thing, never a copy. It was a lovely and nostalgic tribute.

3) Gohan uses the Special Beam Cannon

Every character in the franchise has a unique ki blast that distinguishes them from everyone else. Piccolo's iconic move is the Special Beam Cannon. Both he and Gohan can use the Masenko to prove the deep connection they have.

It was so amazing to see Gohan using his mentor’s signature move for the first time during Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. This just further cements the trust and affection they have for each other. Piccolo is truly one of the best parental figures in the series.

4) Gohan and Pan

Who does not love a wholesome moment between a father and his child? Gohan started the movie as a not-so-loving father. We already talked about this in one of the previous entries. But throughout the movie, we can see just how much he loves his daughter.

The moment they hug each other and he starts to play with the little Saiyan is just so cute to watch. It was such a needed moment after so many action-packed and intense battles in the movie. We just needed a cuter and wholesome family memory.

5) Final Gohan

Gohan is arguably the strongest character in the series. If he was as excited about fighting as his father is, who knows just how much stronger he could have become. But that life was not for him, he just wanted a quiet life with his family.

But when he shows how much power he possesses, all the fans remember why Gohan is the best. Not only is Final Gohan based on a beloved meme for the community, but it is also a reminder that Gohan is so beloved because of the depth of his character and his amazing skills.

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