Has Saitama ever used his full power in One Punch Man?

Has Saitama gone all out in One Punch Man? (Image via Netflix)
Has Saitama gone all out in One Punch Man? (Image via Netflix)

One Punch Man is one of the most popular shonen anime and manga series, well-known for its blend of comedy and action. Saitama, also known as the Caped Baldy, is the protagonist of the series and is certainly the strongest character in the series so far.

Ever since the introduction of certain characters like Boros, fans have been wondering if the Caped Baldy has ever gone all out in any of the fights that have taken place in the series so far. Let’s take a look at some of the most important fights in One Punch Man involving Saitama and some of the strongest villains so far.

Disclaimer: This article contains major spoilers from the manga.

Assessing some of Saitama’s fights in One Punch Man


Saitama, during the course of One Punch Man, has faced some of the strongest and most impressive fighters that the universe had to offer.

So far, one of the strongest opponents that the Caped Baldy has faced is Boros. He was strong enough to bust a planet and went all out against Saitama. However, he met the same fate as every other villain in the series and was defeated with ease by Saitama. While Saitama acknowledged him as a strong fighter, he was still far from using his full power while fighting.

In the manga, Saitama also went up against Orochi, who was probably just as strong as Boros, but he too was defeated by Saitama using a ridiculous move called Serious Squirt Gun. Fans were quite excited to see him fight Garou, since he was able to defeat Bang in his latest transformation.

While there was a steady build-up towards this fight, Garou was swatted by Saitama. However, the next chapter had fans hyped since Garou underwent another transformation. He then realized that his powers are directly dependent on the amount of anger within him. Now that Garou has a new transformation, fans are quite excited for the upcoming fight.

Despite the growth in Garou's abilities, Saitama was not even close to his full strength while fighting against him. However, with the introduction of characters such as God, it will be interesting to see how strong the character is and whether or not Saitama will go all out against the mysterious entity.

That being said, Saitama hasn’t used his full power in any of the fights in One Punch Man. However, fans expect him to go all out at some point in the story and are eagerly waiting for the character or the entity that will push Saitama to his absolute limits.

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