Hell's Paradise anime finally reveals Lord Tensen's true identity

Lord Tensen as seen in Hell
Lord Tensen as seen in Hell's Paradise episode 9 (Image via Mappa)

The Hell's Paradise anime has reached another level of popularity after releasing an episode addressing a much-anticipated mystery that fans have wanted to see for a long time. Hell's Paradise episode 9, titled God and Man, was released on Saturday, June 3, 2023, and the episode surprised fans of the series with the revelation of the true identity of Lord Tensen.

The revelation sent fans into a frenzy on social media, sparking much discussion and speculation around it. Viewers have already seen one member of Lord Tensen in the previous episode, but in this episode, the whole group was revealed. The episode also focused on the details of power and its history.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the Hell's Paradise anime.

Lord Tensen’s true identity changes the course of Hell's Paradise

Lord Tensen contains seven immortal hermits who were once a single entity. According to the explanations given in Hell's Paradise episode 9, they are the true rulers of the mysterious island of Shinsenkyo. They have full control over the islands, especially ruling over the Doshi, Monshin, and Soshin. These are the mysterious beings that guard the island and work under the authority of Lord Tensen.

Soshins are already depicted in the series, and fans will be able to see the others in the upcoming episodes of Hell's Paradise. As the rulers of Shinsenkyo, they have the authority to punish the sinners who defy them brutally.

Moreover, as explained in Hell's Paradise, each member of Lord Tensen looks and sounds the same, but they have different types of personalities and play different roles in their ruling territory.

In the latest episode, viewers already got to see the capabilities of Lord Tensen through the battle between Gabimaru and one of the seven immortal hermits, Zhu Jin. As Gabimaru showed his intense battling capacity, Zhu Jin pushed to take a monstrous form, which is known as the Kishikai state.

It seems like the Kishikai is the ultimate form when they have been pushed to a corner, and needless to say, it's a powerful form. Gabimaru was almost on the brink of death - he was rescued by Mei and got away from Zhu Jin.

Lord Tensen also possess the capability of transforming their gender. At the meeting with Lord Tensen, it was seen that they were discussing and sharing their perspectives regarding which gender transformation they liked most. When they fight with a strong being, they transform themselves into a man, which contains a lot more physical power than the other form.

They also contain different kinds of power that are generated through Tao, which seems like an inner power they got through drinking Tan.

Another character from Hell's Paradise, Hoko, mentioned each of the hermits' names. Viewers already got to know about the leader, Rein, and the other immortals, including Tao Fa, Ju Fa, and Zhu Jin, in the latest episode.

Hoko also mentioned their ruthless ruling system, revealing that over a thousand years ago, humans existed in the village inside Shinsenkyo, named Horai. Later, they had to go through a process named Arborification, which converted the humans gradually into immobile trees taking a Zazen pose. Hoko was one of them.

Final thoughts

Hell's Paradise reached a new level with the revelation of the true identity of Lord Tensen. Both anime and manga fans had been expecting Lord Tensen’s appearance for a long time. After knowing about Lord Tensen, viewers will be more invested in the upcoming episodes.

Also, major credit goes to the producer, Mappa, whose effort to depict wonderful visualization made the story more lucrative. Fans are already intrigued by the storyline of the series, which has made them express different kinds of opinions regarding the series. This promises that the upcoming episodes of the series will be full of mystery and twists.

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