Hell's Paradise Episode 9: Gabimaru faces off Zhu Jin, Lord Tensen has been revealed

Gabimaru the Hollow as seen in Hell
Gabimaru the Hollow as seen in Hell's Paradise episode 9 (Image via Mappa)

Hell's Paradise episode 9, titled God and Man, was released on Saturday, June 3, 2023, suprising fans with several unsuspected turn of events and an intense battle between Gabimaru and Lord Tensen. Most importantly, the mysterious ruler of Shinsenkyo, Lord Tensen’s identity, was revealed in this episode.

In the previous episode, Tenza and Nurugai encountered one of the formidable Lord Tensen, who was initially portrayed as a woman, but eventually turned into a man. Tenza and Nurugai were temporarily rescued by Yamada Asaemon Shion, but it didn’t last long.

Meanwhile, the enemy caught up with them and inflicted a severe attack. Tenza took all the attacks and asked Shion to run away with Nurugai. Shion did as Tenza asked him, not wanting Tenza’s sacrifice to be in vain. The episode also delved into Tenza’s past and how he became Shion's pupil and was acknowledged by him.

Hell's Paradise episode 9: Gabimaru struggles against Zhu Jin, Hoko revealed the mystery of the Horai

Gabimaru's battle with Zhu Jin and being rescued by Mei

Hell's Paradise episode 9 started with Gabimaru rushing towards Horai after everyone had fallen asleep. On the way, he came across many mysterious things, but his resolve to return to his wife drove him forward. As Gabimaru reached the gate of Horai, he was found out by one of Lord Tensen, named Zhu Jin, who also defeated Tenza.

Later in Hell's Paradise episode 9, as the battle broke out between Gabimaru and Zhu Jin, Gabimaru tried everything that he had up his sleeve to resist, but failed to tame the formidable Zhu Jin. Zhu Jin’s attacking power and regenerative abilities were so immense that Gabimaru struggled miserably even after landing a series of fatal blows. In fact, Gabimaru’s fatal blow drove Zhu Jin to take a monstrous form, which later turned out to be a Kishikai state.

As Gabimaru was about to face death, Mei appeared beside him and used her power that protected her and Gabimaru from the blow. However, the attack from Zhu Jin sent Mei and Gabimaru far away from the cliff. Zhu Jin got back to his original form and wondered why Mei made the decision to save Gabimaru.

Lord Tensen’s revelation

Hell's Paradise episode 9 revealed the identity of Lord Tensen for the first time. Lord Tensen is a group of seven godly beings who were split from a hermit and are considered the true rulers of Shinsenkyo. After the incident between Gabimaru and Zhu Jin, all the members of Lord Tensen gathered for a meeting about the current scenario. They were initially discussing their perspectives and the amusement they found in the gender of their liking.

The topic changed after the arrival of the leaders, who asked for reports from everyone. They discussed the landing of humans and the deaths of many Soshin. However, Ju Fa, rather unexpectedly, blamed all of this on Zhu Jin, claiming that it was all his fault, which prompted Zhu Jin to go into his Kishikai state.

Next, Ju Fa landed a fatal blow on Zhu Jin, which blew off his head. The leader asked Ju Fa not to act that way, given that they were family, and it was only his duty to harm Zhu Jin. Zhu Jin regenerated his head, and later, they made a toast with Tan and promised to obliterate humans from the island.

The mysterious history of Horai and Gabimaru meeting Gantetsusai

Later in Hell's Paradise episode 9, after Sagiri, Yuzuriha, and others found out that Gabimaru was gone, Hoko convinced them to make the journey towards Horai, as Mei was also missing. On their way to Horai, Hoko informed them about the seven godly beings named Lord Tensen and how they rule Shinsenkyo.

As they walked among the fog and found the immobile trees, Hoko then revealed the history from the past, which described that humans once lived on this island 1000 years ago, but they underwent a process called Arborification, which turned them into trees while sitting in a Zazen pose. Hoko also informed them that he was also a human once, and owing to the process, he turned into a tree. Sagiri felt tensed about Gabimaru and wondered why he left them behind.

The final panel of the episode revealed that Gabimaru regained consciousness and found himself beside Mei, who was also unconscious. He was thinking about teaming up with others in order to defeat Zhu Jin and find the elixir of life. At that moment, Gabimaru was suddenly discovered by Yamada Asaemon Fuchi and Tamiya Gantetsusai.

Final thoughts on Hell's Paradise episode 9

Hell's Paradise episode 9 brings out the intensity of the battle between Gabimaru and Zhu Jin. The episode also provides some idea about Tao to fans, which will be explored in greater depth in the upcoming episodes of the series.

The episode captured the audience's attention through a beautiful storyline and amazing visualization of the action scene. The revelation of Lord Tensen was a long mystery for the viewers before Hell's Paradise episode 9. Thus, the episode marked a significant turn in the story of the series.

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