How did Genos become a Cyborg in One Punch Man?

Genos, as seen in One Punch Man (Image via ONE/ Yusuke Murata/ Madhouse/ Shueisha/ Viz Media)
Genos, as seen in One Punch Man (Image via ONE/ Yusuke Murata/ Madhouse/ Shueisha/ Viz Media)

Although One Punch Man has introduced a sea of characters, only a few have garnered praise for their exceptional feats that prevail over others. These characters are not only strong but also have that unique personality that amazes the people around them, as just being a hero with supernatural powers is not enough.

Among these extraordinary beings is the hero named Genos, a 19-year-old cyborg who imminently became an S-Class hero. Despite being placed at the top of the hero hierarchy system, he still follows Saitama (a B-Class Rank 7 hero) and considers himself to be his disciple. However, Genos was not a cyborg from the start, and his past is rather saddening.

One Punch Man: Was Genos a human before becoming a cyborg?


Before turning into a complete cyborg, Genos was a human, living happily with his family. One fated day, an unstable cyborg, who was wreaking havoc around his hometown, destroyed Genos’ house and killed his entire family. Luckily, Genos somehow managed to survive, but he could have died if it wasn’t for Dr. Kuseno, who was after this Mad Cyborg.

Genos didn’t want to die and begged Dr. Kuseno to turn him into a complete cyborg, to which the latter agreed, as he was disheartened to see the former’s condition. Dr. Kuseno performed a complex surgery on Genos and modified his entire body. Genos promised Dr. Kuseno that he would find Mad Cyborg and kill him with his bare hands.

For the next four years, Genos wandered from one place to the other looking for the whereabouts of Mad Cyborg but was unsuccessful in his quest. However, on his journey, he faced several terrifying and deadly monsters, whom he defeated flawlessly with his new cyborg body. Moreover, Genos also learned many combat abilities while facing powerful opponents, which gave him experience.

After Genos met Saitama, he was astonished by the latter’s might and strength. At first, Genos thought Saitama to be an ordinary civilian, but after the latter obliterated Mosquito Girl in One Punch Man with a single punch, the former begged him to make him his disciple. Genos even challenged Saitama to test his own skills, but after witnessing the latter's monstrous strength, he was petrified and amazed.

Saitama was unaware of many things because he was just a hero for fun and wasn’t obliged to do anything out of his free will. However, Genos persuaded Saitama and asked him to join the Hero Association. Although he didn’t show any interest in the job, after hearing about the perks and recognition, he was on board with the idea and registered himself with the Hero Association.

Saitama was enraged after completing the test where he was placed in the C-Rank, whereas Genos being his student, became an S-Class Hero in One Punch Man. To become more powerful and surpass his master, Genos sought the help of Dr. Kuseno every now and then to get advanced modifications by installing even more deadly weapons capable of annihilating an entire city to dust.

After becoming an S-Class hero in One Punch Man, Genos became busy with the tasks given to him on a continuum by the Hero Association. However, he manages to visit Saitama to seek advice and to help him with his mundane life. He is also still looking for the Mad Cyborg responsible for the death of his family.

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