How to get Anime Expo 2023 tickets: Complete process explained

Anime Expo 2023 poster(Image via Anime Expo)
Anime Expo 2023 poster(Image via Anime Expo)

As the event date of the Anime Expo 2023 gets closer, fans of Japanese pop culture are getting excited to witness this unique event in Los Angeles. The Anime Expo 2023, which will be organized over four days, will contain screenings, artist meet-ups, cosplay contests, and many more.

This grand event of manga and anime culture will bring together all the enthusiasts of anime, manga, video games, cosplay, and more. Since it’s a must-go-event for anime and manga fans, securing a ticket can be challenging. As such, this article will detail the process and policies of getting a ticket to Anime Expo 2023.

Ticketing process for Anime Expo 2023

Date and time of the event

The Anime Expo 2023 event has an organized ticketing system. While the general ticket will give access to the Expo, certain special events will require additional tickets, including premier fan packages, meet and greets with voice actors, concerts, and more. Hence, it’s significant to know that these specific events require special tickets because many of them have different individual policies concerning ticket pick-up, will-call, and other procedures.

There is a ticketing booth for the Anime Expo event, which is located at the Gilbert-Lindsay Plaza. This booth will conduct all ticket-related activities, including inquiries and transactions for onsite ticket sales, will-call pick-up for tickets, and any associated giveaway items. The booth will operate for various hours over the four days of the event and on the inauguration day.


Date of the event

Conducting hours

Day 0


12 pm - 10 pm

Day 1


8 am - 10 pm

Day 2


8 am - 10 pm

Day 3


8 am - 9 pm

Day 4


9 am - 3 pm

For off-site events, the booth opens three hours before the event begins. However, the booth's specific location and timing is subject to change, as per the regular updates from the SPJA (Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation)/Anime Expo.

The onsite ticket-buying procedure

To secure a spot, one can buy the tickets at the onsite counter. They would need to go to the ticketing booth and ask an Anime Expo (AX) ticketing volunteer about the desired event for which they would like to purchase a ticket. After which, the volunteers will guide the customer through the buying process for the ticket. The customer can pay via cash, American Express, Discover Card, Visa, and Mastercard.

However, if possible, it’s recommended to buy tickets online, which is a more convenient option, unless it’s a will-call ticketed event. For a will-call ticketed event, the customer needs to visit the ticketing booth.

Here are the prices of the tickets according to the badge type:

Badge Type




1-Day (Saturday or Sunday)


1-Day (Monday)


1-Day (Tuesday)


Child Pass (6-13 years)


The procedure for picking up tickets

There are some protocols one has to follow regarding picking up the Anime Expo 2023 tickets. To pick up the ticket, the Anime Expo badge, the confirmation email from Showclix (either printed or soft copy), and a valid photo ID showing the date of birth are required. An adult guardian must be present with attendees who are under the age of 18. The adult must bring a government-issued photo ID to pick up a ticket or wristband. However, it is important to note that a school ID or birth certificate will not be acceptable.

The attendees are recommended to head to the ticketing booth at least four hours before the event begins. This will allow the attendees to learn about the prohibited items and keep their stuff in a safe place. It will also give them much time to go through the security check smoothly and enter the event. The AX ticketing volunteers will issue the ticket or wristband of the purchased event, including the bonus items. Additionally, it must be noted that there will be no late entries, refunds, or exchanges for missed shows once the ticket has been purchased.

Readers will find the complete schedule for Anime Expo 2023 here.

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