Is there a 9th gate in Naruto that Taijutsu users can break?

Looking into the Eight Inner Gates in Naruto (Image via Pierrot)
Looking into the Eight Inner Gates in Naruto (Image via Pierrot)

As a series, Naruto has introduced a huge array of characters that differ in their combat abilities. Each of these characters have unique fighting styles that aid them in battles, and some of the most interesting characters in the series are Rock Lee and Might Guy.

Neither of these characters are great with chakra control or Ninjutsu. However, to compensate for this inability, the teacher-student duo have mastered Taijutsu. Both of these characters have taken their Taijutsu mastery to the next level since they both can open the inner gates.

Naruto: About the Inner Gates and their consequences

What are the Eight Inner Gates and what is their significance in Naruto? The Eight Inner Gates exist only to restrict the flow of chakra within a person’s body. This is the brain's warning not to overexert, which could cause permanent damage to the body. However, one can overcome these limits by training, and this was shown by both Rock Lee and Might Guy.

There are only eight stages or restrictions in the body. The Eight Gates in Naruto are as follows:

1) Gate of Opening

This gate is located on the left hemisphere of the brain and on opening, removes the inhibitions that a person might have. The person opening this gate can perform the Front Lotus which causes a lot of fatigue after performing this.

2) Gate of Healing

This gate is located on the right side of the brain and allows the person to replenish and recover from fatigue. Opening the second gate will increase the physical strength of the user.

3) Gate of Life

This gate is located on the spinal cord and allows its user to perform the Reverse Lotus. Other characteristics include the disappearance of pupils and bulging of veins all over the body.

4) Gate of Pain

This gate is also present on the spinal cord and opening it seems to drastically increase the speed of the user. Rock Lee bled through his nose when he released this gate. The user’s muscles start to tear while opening this gate.

5) Gate of Limit

Rock Lee was seen opening this gate during the final stage of the Reverse Lotus. Opening this gate further increased his physical strength. However, he suffered from compound fractures when he opened this gate. This gate is located on the abdomen.

6) Gate of View

This gate is located on the stomach and allows the user to perform the Morning Peacock. It is a barrage of punches so fast that the friction caused by the air produces flames. The user will have a green aura around them.

7) Gate of Wonder

This gate is also located on the stomach and allows the user to perform the Daytime Tiger. This attack allows the punch to create a pocket of compressed air. When Might Guy opened this gate, his muscle fibers were completely ruptured.

8) Gate of Death

The final gate is located in the heart. By forcing the chakra to flow there excessively, the heart pumps excess blood, enhancing the user’s strength by over 100 times. Blood starts evaporating from the pores, giving the user a red aura. It allows the user to perform Night Guy and Evening Elephant. Opening this gate kills the user.

To sum it up, there are only eight gates that restrict the flow of chakra in Naruto. The user suffers from pain and fatigue and the intensity only increases with every gate they open. When the user opens the final gate, they end up dying a few minutes later.