Is Luffy really One Piece's Fifth Emperor?

A fan-edit of Luffy seen amongst the Yonko (Image via YouTube/FlyingPandaTV)
A fan-edit of Luffy seen amongst the Yonko (Image via YouTube/FlyingPandaTV)

One of the Whole Cake Island arc’s greatest contributions to One Piece at large was Luffy’s new bounty and title. With a bounty of 1.5 billion Beri, Luffy was being hailed as the Fifth Emperor of the Sea.

While many fans welcomed this revelation, others felt it was unjustified and Luffy had not yet risen to the level of Yonko. Yet with One Piece providing more and more evidence for this claim by the chapter, it’s inarguable that Luffy is indeed One Piece’s Fifth Emperor.

This article breaks down exactly why Luffy is One Piece’s Fifth Emperor.

Luffy has undoubtedly risen to the status of One Piece’s Fifth Emperor

Power and strength

Throughout the New World, Luffy has surpassed himself and opponents time and time again in terms of power and strength. The debut of Gear Fourth’s Bounce Man against Doflamingo was the foundation, showing Luffy had developed new means of fighting over the time-skip. The debut of Snake Man versus Katakuri also contributes to this foundation.

What truly shows Luffy's strength in the Katakuri fight and beyond is his exceptional Haki development. While fighting Katakuri in Whole Cake Island, Luffy was able to activate and hone his Future Sight Haki to the level of Katakuri’s. This mid-fight improvement and attainment of a necessary power was Luffy’s first step to becoming the Fifth Emperor.

Flashforward to the Onigashima Raid, where Luffy and Kaido’s duel is finally being put on display as of recent One Piece chapters. Mid-fight with Kaido, Luffy awakened and learned to control his Advanced Conqueror’s Haki and is seen fighting on an even level with Kaido through its use. Even more impressive is the fact that Luffy has only used Gear Second and Third thus far.

In terms of power and strength, it’s clear that Luffy is already more than qualified to become One Piece’s Fifth Emperor. Being able to fight Kaido in a 1v1 situation is more than enough evidence of this claim's validity.


While his territory and fleet may not be as grand as the Yonko, it certainly is enough to give Luffy contention for the title of Fifth Emperor. With the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Luffy commands roughly 5,600 pirates to fight for him. While the Big Mom and Beast Pirates certainly have more troops, the Straw Hat Grand Fleet is still a respectable size and enough for Emperor Status.

Furthermore, Luffy already has territories under his control. While only Fishman Island is formally under his protection, islands such as Alabasta, Water 7, and Dressrosa can all be considered informal Straw Hat territory. Luffy and the Straw Hats have already protected these countries once before, and would undoubtedly do so again considering the relationships they formed during these adventures.


Finally, Luffy’s reputation is undoubtedly enough to make him One Pieces Fifth Emperor. As Law tells Doflamingo during Dressrosa, the Straw Hats have created miracles and defied expectations everywhere they’ve gone. From Crocodile to Kaido, Luffy always seems to make miracles happen just when they’re most needed.

While this is enough to give the Straw Hats status amongst other pirates, it’s the World Government’s interest in Luffy which seals the deal. In particular, the enigmatic Im-sama has been shown to have a particular interest in Straw Hat. Being the secret, true leader of the World Government who even commands the Gorosei, there’s arguably no bigger reputational achievement Luffy can have than Im-sama’s interest.

In summation

While it may seem crazy to believe, Luffy is more than qualified to be One Piece’s inaugural Fifth Emperor. The title may still be a hot-button topic for some fans, but when rationally analyzed and considered, all the evidence needed is plain as day.

Should Luffy beat Kaido at the end of the Wano arc, his title of Fifth Emperor is essentially inarguable. There’s nothing reasonable left for Luffy to do in order to achieve Fifth Emperor status once all is said and done and Kaido is formally beaten (and Wano liberated).

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