Jujutsu Kaisen: Will Maki tame a Cursed Spirit like Toji Zenin did?

Maki as seen in the series' mainline anime adaptation (Image Credits: Gege Akutami/Shueisha, Viz Media, Jujutsu Kaisen)
Maki as seen in the series' mainline anime adaptation (Image Credits: Gege Akutami/Shueisha, Viz Media, Jujutsu Kaisen)
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With the official release of Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 191 on Monday, fans are eagerly discussing Maki Zenin and her evolution as a character once more. Fans most recently saw a significant step forward for her during her massacre of the Zenin clan, where her own father internally compared her to the late Toji Zenin.

While Jujutsu Kaisen took a departure from Maki’s adventures shortly after this development, chapter 191 and the new Sakurajima Colony arc fixes perspective squarely on her. If the first issue is any indication, Maki is in for a big surprise, especially if a recent fan theory comes true.

Follow along as this article discusses the latest Jujutsu Kaisen theory and determines whether or not Maki will indeed tame a Cursed Spirit as Toji Zenin once did.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 191 reintroduces Naoya Zenin as a Cursed Spirit, sees him collide with Maki

The theory

Gege hasn’t made a Maki jjk cover yet bc he wanted Naoya to join her on it and recreate Toji’s volume 😌 #JJK191

As mentioned above, the recently released Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 191 once more shifts the story’s focus on Maki Zenin. Also present is Noritoshi Kamo, who will also likely play a major role in the recently started Sakurajima Colony arc. What fans weren’t expecting, however, was the return of a certain character in the form of a Cursed Spirit.

It seems that fan-hated Naoya Zenin has once again returned to the fold, this time as a Cursed Spirit rather than a living human being. He appears as a worm-like creature which falls down from the skies above Sakurajima, instantly gunning for Maki in what appears to be a bid for revenge on his killer.

However, Maki seems to be holding her own perfectly well against the newly reintroduced Naoya. The two clash briefly at the end of the chapter, with each showing different advantages over the other in categories such as speed, strength, and durability. While fans are indeed looking forward to this fight, the end result is what they’re talking about currently.

A theory has cropped up which states that Maki Zenin may indeed end up taming Cursed Spirit Naoya Zenin and keeping it as a companion, as Toji Zenin once did himself. The formermost and lattermost have been compared numerous times, both directly through characters who knew both and indirectly through similar lots in life and progressions in the jujutsu world.

I am not worried. Maki just gonna turn him into her version of Toji’s worm 🥱 #JJK191

For example, both Toji and Maki lacked Cursed Energy, having to rely on Cursed Tools to be effective sorcerers in the jujutsu world. The two were also ostracized by the Zenin clan for their lack of Cursed Energy, with Maki being held back in the jujutsu world by her clan, while Toji instead abandoned the world altogether.

Regardless of their different choices, the two are clearly set up to be foils to one another, with startling similarities across the board. As a result, many fans suspect that by the end of the Sakurajima Colony arc, Maki will have tamed Naoya Zenin the Cursed Spirit and use him as weapon storage like Toji did with his companion.

She certainly has the power to keep up with him, as seen in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 191, and likely will eventually beat him as she continues learning about her enemy. Although still a theory, it seems almost definite that the two will begin working as a pair in the aftermath of the Sakurajima Colony arc.

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