Kishibe in Chainsaw Man Anime: Everything to know about Kenjiro Tsuda's character

After being the opening focus of the series
After being the opening focus of the series' latest trailer, fans are wondering exactly who Chainsaw Man's Kishibe is (Image via MAPPA Studios)

The latest trailer for Chainsaw Man is one of the most exciting for fans thus far. It features both characters highlighted in other trailers as well as those basking in the limelight for the first time. Power, Aki, and Denji are especially given focus in the latest preview, where some of their biggest moments interacting with one another are heavily teased.

One character who is especially highlighted in the latest Chainsaw Man trailer is Kishibe, a stoic, older member of Tokyo Special Division 4. With Kenjiro Tsuda being revealed to voice the character in the latest trailer, fans have taken a new interest in what has otherwise been a forgettable character in other series trailers.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down everything that fans need to know about Chainsaw Man’s Kishibe, Kenjiro Tsuda’s new character.


Chainsaw Man’s Kishibe fills an essential shonen role while also elevating it to new heights

Who is Kishibe?

Chainsaw Man’s Kishibe is first formally introduced in Chapter 29 of the series’ manga adaptation. He is introduced as the instructor of a special training course for Denji and Power, where he also asks the two some interesting questions. He first asks them what they thought of when their comrades died, to which they both say that they felt nothing.

He then asks them if they desire revenge on the Devils at all for killing their comrades, which they both reject. Finally, he asks them whether they’re loyal to humans or Devils, to which both respond that they’ll serve whomever gives them the best deal.

Satisfied with their answers, he puts his arms around them and explains that he’ll be training them. He asks them to call him ‘Master’ while informing them of his enjoyment of booze, women, and killing Devils. He then begins choking them in a friendly, master-and-student-like way.

His initial introduction shows that he’s a very analytical person, using three simple questions to determine his opinions on Deni and Power. He’s also very stoic and straightforward, with almost no unnecessary words, statements, or sentiments expressed by him during his initial introduction.

This characterization is constant throughout the manga, with his expression, voice, and body language remaining completely stoic and neutral even when he admits shock or sadness. He’s also shown to have a compassionate side to him, eventually growing affectionate towards both Denji and Power, despite expressing a hatred of Fiends and Devils.

This is further proved by his refusal to look at Quanxi’s course, with the two having an implied past-friendship despite their constant attempts to kill each other throughout their lives. Quanxi is also one of the only true friends Kishibe is ever shown to have, with them growing close to each other thanks to their shared profession for different employers.

Kishibe was also shown to be hunting Devils for a long time prior to the start of the Chainsaw Man series, which he and other characters say made him somewhat insane. He believes that the most fearsome Devil Hunters (from a Devil’s eyes) aren’t the brave or strong, but the crazy ones since they’re the ones who lack fear.

He even expresses this belief amidst Himeno’s mourning of her previous comrades, rattling off their names while attributing all of their failures and deaths to them being too sane. It’s an interesting moment in Chainsaw Man which emphasizes the honest, straightforward and no-nonsense aspect of his character which is predominant throughout the series.

While fans will learn much more about him throughout the first season of the Chainsaw Man anime, the above information does give fans a barebones feel for his character. Although he may seem to be a minor character whose only purpose is to train Denji and Power, his role in the story is constant, necessary, and ever growing throughout the series’ first part.

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