Latest Jujutsu Kaisen spoilers hint at Yorozu’s Cursed Technique being related to a Zen'in

Mai might be gone, but her Cursed Technique seems to have made a reappearance in the latest Jujutsu Kaisen spoilers and raw scans (Image via MAPPA Studios)
Mai might be gone, but her Cursed Technique seems to have made a reappearance in the latest Jujutsu Kaisen spoilers and raw scans (Image via MAPPA Studios)

The latest Jujutsu Kaisen spoilers and raw scans were released on Wednesday, March 15, 2023, bringing with them the exciting start of Sukuna versus Yorozu. Fans were incredibly satisfied with the issue’s alleged events, praising the opportunity to see Sukuna seriously fight using Megumi’s body for the first time.

The upcoming Jujutsu Kaisen issue also allegedly shows off Yorozu’s Cursed Technique, referred to as a “Construction/Architecture Technique”, according to spoiler information. This has piqued the curiosity of fans, who feel that the similarity to another Cursed Technique in the series may have hinted at Yorozu’s lineage.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down exactly how the latest Jujutsu Kaisen spoilers hint at Yorozu’s Cursed Technique being related to a Zen’in, as well as briefly recaps spoilers.

Apparent similarities between Yorozu and Mai’s Cursed Techniques in Jujutsu Kaisen may have revealed a new Zen’in clan member

Brief spoiler recap


The latest Jujutsu Kaisen spoilers and raw scans begin with Sukuna and Yorozu beginning their battle. Yorozu continues to put over their love for Sukuna, to the point where they request marriage to Sukuna if they’re able to win. Yorozu continues to do this, as well as asks Uraume to cook their favorite food until Sukuna summons Megumi’s Divine Dogs.

Yorozu escapes, using their technique to surround and crush Sukuna, but he escapes it by the time they have the attack ready to go. They then ask Sukuna why he chose to use Megumi’s Cursed Technique rather than his own. He explains that he wants to “completely sink Megumi’s soul” by making it seem like Megumi killed his sister himself.

Jujutsu Kaisen spoilers then indicate Yorozu throw a tantrum before getting serious and asking Sukuna if he really thinks he can win without using his own Cursed Techniques. It’s revealed here that Yorozu’s Cursed Technique is a “Construction/Architecture Technique.” Apparently, they’ve built numerous weapons in the past, which is partially how they became known as a veteran sorcerer.

A liquid metal that changes its volume while maintaining stable physical properties appears and wraps itself around Yorozu. They explain that it's able to do this, thanks to the semi-autonomous control of the Cursed Energy used to make it. This leads to Yorozu taking on a new form with a flesh armorer that diverts and specializes in “numerous biological functions.” The chapter ends as Sukuna begins summoning Mahoraga to counter.

How Yorozu’s Cursed Technique may be related to the Zen’in

In all of Jujutsu Kaisen’s publication history thus far, only one other sorcerer has been seen able to conjure and create things as Yorozu can. This honor goes to Mai Zen’in, twin sister of Maki, who died during the Perfect Preparation arc to fulfill the condition of her sister’s Heavenly Restriction. In her lifetime, Mai was able to use her Construction Cursed Technique to create a single bullet a day from nothing.

While she was able to create a Cursed Tool sword at the cost of her life, this was only after being gravely wounded and on death’s door anyway. Yorozu, however, seems to be able to use a similar, if not the exact same, Cursed Technique without any restrictions. Even if Yorozu’s creation is limited to biological-like armors and appendages as seen in the latest spoilers, it’s at least unrestricted in use and size, unlike Mai’s.

Given the similarity between the two Cursed Techniques and the general rule of thumb that ancient sorcerers were more powerful and skilled, it seems that Yorozu may be a Zen’in after all. Many Jujutsu Kaisen fans seem certain of this, especially given the similar naming of Yorozu and Mai’s Cursed Techniques as well as their apparently similar uses.

Furthermore, while Toji Zen’in is Tsumiki Fushiguro’s stepfather, her mother’s name and lineage are largely unknown. Thus, the possibility exists that Tsumiki herself could also be of Zen’in lineage, explaining similar appearances of her to other clan members. Likewise, it would also make sense that a Zen’in clan member of the past was reincarnated into one in the present.

Even if Yorozu themself isn’t a Zen’in clan member, however, the Cursed Technique they’re using certainly appears to be of the clan’s lineage. Given that they appear to be on a similar level of sorcery skill as Sukuna, it’s entirely plausible that they stole the Cursed Technique from an ancient Zen’in sorcerer. While this is purely speculative, fans can expect a concrete answer sometime in the near future of Jujutsu Kaisen.

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