My Hero Academia: An explanation of Best Jeanist’s Quirk

Best Jeanist isn't cut from the same cloth as other heroes, that's for certain (Image via My Hero Academia/Shueisha/Studio Bones)
Best Jeanist isn't cut from the same cloth as other heroes, that's for certain (Image via My Hero Academia/Shueisha/Studio Bones)

Best Jeanist proves that technical fighting styles work very well in My Hero Academia.

Not many characters can get past Best Jeanist and his clothing manipulation. The Fiber Hero isn't the strongest or fastest character in the series, so he prefers to restrain his opponents instead. He specializes in capture techniques, which can be really useful in hero missions.

Best Jeanist is currently ranked number three in the Pro Hero rankings. He only got there by fully mastering his Quirk.

Of course. Best Jeanist is more than just his fashion sense in My Hero Academia. His fighting style requires patience and skill, so here's a look at what makes it so difficult to use.

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Here is how Best Jeanist uses his Quirk in My Hero Academia

He can freely control fiber


Fiber Master is categorized under the Emitter type class. Using this Quirk, Best Jeanist can control fiber in nearby areas. It's a telekinetic power that requires great concentration. Any distractions will cause him to lose focus on the fibers.

Best Jeanist can affect different types of fabric. He's mostly effective with denim, which is why he wears so much in his costume. Meanwhile, sweats are the most difficult fabric for him to control.

On a related note, Best Jeanist often uses his fingers and hands to control his bindings. This allows him to pull targets closer or further away from him.

Strengths and weaknesses


Fiber Master is a very effective Quirk against most targets. Best Jeanist can simply unravel their clothing threads and restrain them on the spot. He can also remotely control his powers from a faraway distance. Keep in mind that most villains wear some type of clothing material in My Hero Academia.

Certain powers rely on environmental factors. For example, Cementoss only controls nearby cement since he cannot make it from nothing. Best Jeanist doesn't have to worry too much since he always has a reliable source of power. He can either use his clothes or another person's.

With that said, the Quirk does have a few weaknesses. As previously mentioned, Best Jeanist needs to maintain his focus on his targets. Otherwise, his powers will be undone within an instant. Strong enough characters can also break free from his binds, such as All For One in the Hideout Raid.

Fiber Master is difficult to control


My Hero Academia makes it clear that Fiber Master isn't easy to use.

After he defeated Best Jeanist in the Hideout Raid arc, All For One didn't bother stealing the Quirk. He knew that his protege didn't have the patience for it. Tomura Shigaraki is a very impulsive character in My Hero Academia.

Best Jeanist deserves a lot of credit for mastering his powers. In a way, he is very similar to Mirio Togata and the Permeation Quirk. They worked extra hard to make their abilities work.

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