My Hero Academia Chapter 349: Dabi engages with Shoto, second OFA user helps Deku out

The war between heroes and villains continues to rage on (Image via Shueisha)
The war between heroes and villains continues to rage on (Image via Shueisha)

My Hero Academia Chapter 349 sets up the final battles, so readers should buckle up their seat belts.

From Toga versus Ochako to Dabi versus Shoto, these fights are getting very personal. My Hero Academia Chapter 349 primarily sets up the rest of this arc. However, tensions are running very high, given everything going on.

While Toga and Dabi are extremely dangerous, Shigaraki is the villain that needs to be taken out. Deku is racing against the clock as he tries to find the villain. This causes the second One For All user to show up and encourage him.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 349 brings the heat with Dabi and Shoto

In the previous chapter, Himiko Toga confessed her feelings to Izuku Midoriya. Regardless of her intentions, he couldn't understand why she felt the need to hurt others. Toga felt completely rejected after his response, so she started attacking the students.

Uraraka and Tsuyu managed to hold off the villain while Deku escaped, looking to find Shigaraki. While they still play a prominent role in this chapter, the focus will mainly be on the Todoroki drama.

This chapter is titled "Battle Flame," referring to Dabi and Shoto.

Deku races to fight Shigaraki

My Hero Academia Chapter 349 begins with Deku taking flight over the ocean. Despite using a combination of Float and Fa Jin and his hero equipment, Deku isn't gaining enough speed to reach Shigaraki's location in time. He also can't use Black Whip since there's nothing to grab on to.

While Deku is trying to push himself, the second user of One For All shows up. He tells Deku to keep himself focused. He also makes it clear that his Quirk is very hard to control. Nonetheless, he doesn't want Deku to give up hope. The upcoming battle with Shigaraki is critical to humanity's future.

Uraraka is about to fight Toga

My Hero Academia Chapter 349 transitions back to the Okuto Aquarium. Ochako Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui are ready to engage with Himiko Toga. Both the female students are relieved that Deku is no longer here. Meanwhile, Toga is getting ready to use her blood compartments.

The villain tells Ochako that she will carve her path and doesn't need any more heroes. She even made a passing reference to her fallen comrade Twice. However, Ochako remains firm in her resolve and is ready to fight.

Shoto tries talking to Dabi

My Hero Academia Chapter 349 ends with a fiery showdown between the eldest and youngest Todoroki. A massive fire has spread throughout Kamino, which means Tenya Ida cannot get closer to Shoto. The flames are only getting hotter as time moves on.

Dabi mentions that he is greatly disappointed in his father since he only fights Shoto and Endeavor's sidekicks. He even tries to convince his younger brother that he is nothing more than his father's puppet. Shoto rebuked the statement, saying he is here with his own free will.

Despite everything that happened in the past, Shoto wants to know why Dabi never returned home. The villain decides to reveal his origin story, but not before his jaw rips apart as he laughs maniacally.

Speculation from My Hero Academia Chapter 349

The most significant talking point of My Hero Academia Chapter 349 will be the final panel. Some readers may speculate that Dabi is a Twice clone that's starting to break apart. However, it should be noted that his jawbone fell off during his accident years ago. Perhaps his fake ones are beginning to melt away.

Interestingly, unlike Shigaraki and Toga, Dabi is yet to gain any new power-ups in the series. My Hero Academia Chapter 349 even shows a muscular Spinner, who seems to be under the effects of drugs. Readers wonder if All For One bothered to give Dabi any new Quirks.

My Hero Academia Chapter 349 indicates that Dabi will reveal his villainous origins. He makes it very clear that he is running on pure hatred. Sadly, readers will have to wait longer to find out what happened to Dabi. The series will be on break next week.

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