My Hero Academia chapter 352 raw scans: Shoto freezes everything in an emotional bid to stop Dabi

Dabi and Shoto in chapter 351 (Image via Shueisha, colored by OCTAPRISM)
Dabi and Shoto in chapter 351 (Image via Shueisha, colored by OCTAPRISM)
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My Hero Academia chapter 352 returns this week after a two-week-long wait, and the raw scans have delivered on all the anticipation. Dabi and Shoto’s fight is at an impasse, and the inner workings of Shoto’s character development are elaborated upon.

My Hero Academia chapter 352 is more emotionally taxing than previous chapters, especially for readers who love both Todoroki brothers. While the action and flashy moves clamber for attention, the underlying melancholy and trauma become the true focus.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 352

My Hero Academia chapter 352 raw scans show Shoto’s character arc rounding off, Dabi becomes desperate

In the last chapter, Dabi used his Flashfire Fist to copy two of Endeavor’s moves, Jet Burn and Hell Spider. He used both to subdue Shoto, who neutralized Dabi’s flames. Shoto debuted his Flashfire Fist: Phosphor, where he attacked Dabi with a flaming right fist.

Note: The names of the attacks provided in the spoilers are subject to change once the official translation comes out.

My Hero Academia chapter 352 raw scans

#MHASpoilers #MHA352 “Dabi is a reflection of all the Todorokis sins”

My Hero Academia chapter 352 starts with a flashback to the night before the war. Shoto practiced his special move, which made his chest light up in a cross. Kaminari comments that it is like a cold fire, and Shoto replies that this technique focuses on his heart and circulates the blood evenly.

By applying the properties of Flashfire on both sides of his body, Shoto creates a fire that does not burn everything. Midoriya asks him whether he is sure about wanting to fight his brother, but Shoto replies that Dabi is the reflection of the sins of the Todoroki family. Shoto must be the one to stop him.

Shoto remembers that his father wanted a perfect son who could use his ice to support his fire, but Shoto is doing the opposite. He thanks Izuku once more, telling him that he now understands that “It’s my power.”

#mha352 he's using his ice side to cool dabi down im ugly sobbing

My Hero Academia chapter 352 cuts to the present, where Shoto uses “Freezing Blow: White Blade of Frosty Fire” to cool down Dabi. Dabi realizes that Shoto can both withstand his flames and neutralize them with his attack. However, he is too far gone to stop and aims his flames at the ground. Shoto loses focus and cannot get Phosphor to work again in time.


Pillars of flames emerge from the ground, and Dabi tells Shoto that the two Todoroki brothers are the extremes of the Superhuman society, destined to follow the same path. Endeavor’s sidekicks are engulfed in flames, but Burnin’ reminds Shoto that they believe in everything he stands for. Shoto thanks them profusely even as they insist that they are just doing their duties.

Shoto monologs that he always believed that he had a lonely existence until he realized that he was surrounded by people who reached out to him. He remembers everything he and his friends have been through and propels himself to land closer to Dabi.

#MHASpoilers #bnha352 #MHA352am I once again crying sobbing breaking down because of the todoroki brothers? absolutely

Shoto reminds his brother that it is possible to change the course of one’s life and urges him to stop. He unleashes his new technique, Great Frozen Tidal Bore, which freezes nearly the entire landscape (similar to Rukia Kuchiki’s Bankai from Bleach). The last page of My Hero Academia chapter 352 shows Shoto and Toya as children, crying, while at present, they stand motionless in the middle of the frozen ground.


#mha352 “the two are destined to follow similar paths” they die together don’t they

The main concern that readers have raised since My Hero Academia chapter 352 spoilers were leaked is that the entire chapter seems like a death flag to one or both of the Todoroki brothers. With this chapter, Shoto’s character arc has come full circle, and the line that they both are “walking the same path” leads fans to believe that Shoto might also perish in his attempt to save Dabi.

#mha352 #mhaspoilersshoto, the family hero, being the one who can finally stop dabi from turning up the heat is kinda cool! the quality of this chapter massively hinges on the followup tho. i will let hori cook

Another thing fans have noticed in the raw scans is that the red part of Shoto’s hair looks like it has white streaks in it, which is similar to when Toya’s hair started to turn white. However, instead of fire being the reason, Shoto’s transformation (if there is any) might be triggered by the excessive use of ice.

#MHA351 he's letting dabi, a neglect abuse victim obsessed with proving he's existed, know he's seen. first by listening to him, now by letting him let his pent up anger out on him. "i specifically created this move to defeat you because i see and hear you" im in shambles

There are very few ways that the follow-up of My Hero Academia chapter 352 may not be tragic. Horikoshi is not notorious for killing off his characters, but he does not shy away from it either. While some fans were disgruntled that the fight seems to be ending very soon, it seems logical considering Dabi’s state.

#MHA352 #mhaspoilers “On the last page we see two panels showing Shouto and Toya as a child, both crying”. Kinda reminds me of this.

There are some questions as to what Shoto’s two new moves entail, which have not been clarified in the raw scans. The dialog between Shoto and Dabi is poignant as well, and readers are eagerly waiting for the official translation of My Hero Academia chapter 352 to understand their dynamic completely.

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