My Hero Academia chapter 351: Shoto and Dabi fight each other with their own versions of Flashfire Fist

Twin Flashfires in My Hero Academia chapter 351 (Image via Shueisha)
Twin Flashfires in My Hero Academia chapter 351 (Image via Shueisha)
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My Hero Academia chapter 351 reaches the climax of the Dabi vs Shoto Fight in Kamino. As was hinted in the last chapter, the two brothers use their modified versions of Endeavor’s Flashfire Fist. While Dabi dominated the first half of the chapter, Shoto returned to fight stronger in the last page.

Horikoshi has announced that the series will be on a break in the next issue. Due to Weekly Shonen Jump being on a publication break instead of Golden Week, the next chapter will only be available two weeks from now, on April 15.

My Hero Academia chapter 351 introduces Shoto’s new move against Dabi, twin Flashfires clash

The last chapter revealed that AFO rescued Dabi from Sekoto Peak to train him as a spare for Shigaraki. However, Toya ran away from the facility and returned home, only to see that his family had moved on. Enraged, Toya became Dabi and trained himself by watching Endeavor. The c chapter ended with the two brothers getting ready to use Flashfire Fist.

My Hero Academia chapter 351 is titled “Two Flashfires.”

Dabi uses Hell Spider

My Hero Academia, Ch. 351: Shoto and Dabi explode into fiery combat! Read it FREE from the official source!

My Hero Academia chapter 351 states that Flashfire Fist is a move that young Endeavor perfected. It concentrates all the heat in a person’s body to the maximum before unleashing it in an attack. However, this move also showed Endeavor his limitations, and that sense of inadequacy bled into his treatment of his sons.

In Kamino, Dabi continues to raise the temperature of his fire. He is no longer dissatisfied that Endeavor is not here to stop him, as he wants to crush Shoto. Dabi recalls how he pushed himself beyond the threshold of pain and became better than him, fuelled by his father’s singular praise.

As Endeavor’s sidekicks try to hold back Dabi while Shoto prepares his move, Dabi uses “Flashfire Fist: Hell Spider,” which overpowers them. They still shield Shoto, who is finally ready with his own Flashfire, but Dabi appears behind him before he can use it.

A half-baked puppet

#MHA351 oh my god. dabi.this was shouto's face, during that time.

Dabi’s flames burn impossibly hotter, burning his skin off at every move. Dabi grills Shoto about how he has been wasting his potential, paying no attention to that. In My Hero Academia chapter 351, Dabi kept an eye on Shoto while he was on the U.A. grounds and did not like the way Shoto seemed to have mellowed out.

He berates his brother that despite having the perfect Quirk and a suitable body, Shoto’s lack of drive will never let him become a hero. As he says it, he hits Shoto with a truly impressive “Jet Burn,” flinging him off and blasting him into a tall building.

Idk how intentional this was but having Dabi blast Shoto into a taller building with Jet Burn & Shoto emerging made me reminisce about Hood's attack on Endeavour during Pro Hero. 👏🏽#MHA351 #ShadzMHA #MyHeroAcademia351

However, Shoto agrees with him and thanks Dabi for keeping an eye on him alongside their father. He neutralizes Dabi’s fire completely and emerges singed but relatively unharmed from the building. He promises that he will be the one to stop Dabi since he has made Flashfire into something of his own.

Something better than Flashfire

My Hero Academia Chapter 351- "Something more." Todoroki v. Todoroki continues!

Shoto recalls that his father had called him before they went to their respective assignments, apologizing for leaving Dabi to his son and offering to switch places. But Shoto firmly reminded Endeavor that he is the only pro-hero who stands even a little chance against AFO and thus, they all have their roles to play. Not only was Shoto the right choice for Dabi, but he wanted to stop his brother Toya.

Shoto points out to Dabi that while Endeavor was a terrible father and their family life was traumatic and painful, killing innocent people who had nothing to do with them was Dabi’s choice. Shoto's fire travels to his right side, forming a cross of flames across his chest.

Shoto pleads with Dabi that instead of dragging other people into this mess with them, he should direct all of his hurt at Enji and Shoto. My Hero Academia chapter 351 ends as he gathers the flames in his right hand, which is his Ice side, and proceeds to punch Dabi right in the face. This is the new move Shoto had perfected solely for Dabi, called “Flashfire Fist: Phosphor.”


More than fire, Shoto's new Phosphor coating feels more like a plasma substance to me. This added ability to absorb & neutralise heat feels perfect. As he can not only prolong himself but also mitigate a lot of Dabi's self harm.#MHA351 #ShadzMHA #MyHeroAcademia351

By regulating his temperature and using both sides of his body, Shoto has essentially become the only person who can counter not only Dabi’s flames but also the burning of Toya’s body. It is hard to say from My Hero Academia chapter 351 whether Shoto intends to take Toya back with him anymore, but he still plans to save his brother.

#MHA351shoto calling dabi out all the while never invalidating his experience as a neglect victim. instead offering him to take it all out on him, bc he knows dabi needs this, knows he can't save or stop him until dabi feels as though he's finally let out all of his pent up rage

Many fans have praised My Hero Academia chapter 351 for highlighting the accountability that Dabi must bear for his actions. Shoto pointed out that Dabi’s trauma can excuse his hatred for the Todoroki family, but not his disregard for innocent lives, brings the full message circle.

It's been a long road but Shoto's fire finally made it to his right side. Symbolising full acceptance in all that has made him who he is.#MHA351 #ShadzMHA #MyHeroAcademia351

It remains to be seen if Dabi can overpower Shoto’s new move. However, it seems unlikely that Endeavor will be joining the fight in Kamino anytime soon. My Hero Academia chapter 351 also signifies the completion of Shoto’s self-acceptance. By spreading his fire throughout his whole body and using his ice to keep himself in check, Shoto has finally embraced every part of himself.

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