My Hero Academia: 10 best fights from the manga so far

The main trio is here to save the day (Image via Studio Bones)
The main trio is here to save the day (Image via Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia has plenty of hype-worthy manga battles, so it will be exciting to see the anime versions soon.

My Hero Academia will finish by next year, but that doesn't mean there isn't enough material for the next few seasons.

Manga readers cannot wait to see how these ink panels will look in motion color. There are so many great battles for the anime to cover.

This article will only include completed fights that haven't been adapted for the anime yet, as of this month (May 2022). My Hero Academia manga readers will be looking forward to it when it happens. Predictably, there will be major spoilers up ahead, so beware.

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The best manga fights from My Hero Academia

10) Tomura Shigaraki versus Star and Stripe (Star and Stripe)

My Hero Academia fans got to see the world's most powerful heroes and villains collide in the Star and Stripe arc. With the use of the New Order Quirk, Cathleen Bate completely defied the laws of reality. Despite her death, she also managed to outsmart Shigaraki, resulting in a rare mental breakdown from All For One.

This fight ranks low on the list because of its controversial nature. Several manga readers felt that both competitors had broken the power scale for My Hero Academia. Most of them were also worried that Shigaraki would steal the New Order Quirk and become the next Madara.

Either way, this battle does offer beautiful visuals, such as Cathleen Bate's awesome special moves.

9) Deku versus Muscular (Tartarus Escapees)

In the Tartarus Escapees arc, Muscular had just escaped prison and decided to wreak havoc on everyone. Yo Shindo was nearly killed before the timely arrival of Deku.

The young hero previously defeated Muscular back in the Forest Training Camp arc. Deku has to push his body far beyond its limits just to win. However, the boy has grown much stronger by this point, having acquired multiple Quirks in the Joint Training session.

Muscular was simply no match for a fully powered Deku. All it took was a single punch to showcase their discrepancy in strength.

8) Gigantomachia versus Everybody (Paranormal Liberation War)

Gigantomachia is truly a monster in My Hero Academia. He causes widespread destruction wherever he goes, resulting in massive casualties. It took a combined effort from several heroes just to slow him down.

Class 1-A and 1-B really gave it their all. They realized that Gigantomachia could not be defeated through brute power, so they made him fall asleep with a powerful sedative. Eijiro Kirishima not only threw the vial in the beast's mouth, but he also saved his classmate Mina Ashido.

Gigantomachia would continue to destroy everything in sight, but the plan eventually worked. Best Jeanist was able to capture the monster later on with his Fiber Master techniques.

7) Deku and Toru Hagakure versus Yuga Aoyama (U.A. Traitor)

In this arc, the U.A. traitor was finally revealed in My Hero Academia. Yuga Aoyama was the unwilling participant in All For One's villainous schemes. A few of his classmates discovered his secret, which resulted in his escape attempt.

It was a very emotional battle where all the participants could barely get a hold of themselves. Nonetheless, Deku still believed that Yuga could redeem himself, despite what happened in My Hero Academia.

Toru Hagakure also got a chance to shine, in both the literal and figurative sense. Hagakure managed to deflect a Navel Laser beam heading towards Deku.

6) Tomura Shigaraki versus Pro Heroes (Paranormal Liberation War)

In the Paranormal Liberation War arc, Shigaraki finally awakened from his slumber, despite the heroes trying everything to stop it from happening. Even with only 75% of his true power, the villain still wiped the floor with the villains.

With the AFO Quirk in his possession, Shigaraki proceeded to run through Japan's greatest heroes. To add insult to injury, he even mockingly did All Might's pose on top of a defeated Endeavor.

Deku did get a chance to confront his arch-nemesis. All For One even gets to interact with the previous OFA users via the world of vestiges. It was a brief glimpse of what should be the ultimate final battle of My Hero Academia.

5) Shoto Todoroki versus Dabi (Paranormal Liberation War)

My Hero Academia fans had been waiting for this heartbreaking moment for a while. It turns out that Dabi was Toya Todoroki the entire time. Shoto couldn't believe that his older brother wanted to kill him.

By this point in the series, Dabi was consumed with too much rage against his family. Even by My Hero Academia standards, this fight had several layers of tragic undertones.

Both the Todoroki brothers unleashed their fiery Quirks against each other. Dabi proved to be the stronger one, knocking Shoto out cold. The villain spared his life when he realized Endeavor was also unconscious. Dabi really wanted his father to see the fight.

4) Mirko versus the Nomu (Paranormal Liberation War)

Fighting a single High-End Nomu is nearly impossible in My Hero Academia, let alone multiple. The Rabbit Hero had no choice but to show off her impressive fighting skills. She needed to get to Shigaraki before he was fully healed.

With her athletic prowess and high-speed agility, Mirko was able to outmaneuver the mindless beasts. Unfortunately, the numbers game eventually caught up to her.

Willpower is everything in My Hero Academia. Despite losing her left forearm and right leg, Mirko never gave up.

My Hero Academia fans will forever admire her firm resolve. At the very least, reinforcements arrived at the right moment. Many readers feared it was her last stand.

3) Deku versus Lady Nagant (Tartarus Escapees)

Female characters rarely get a dedicated fight scene in My Hero Academia. Lady Nagant changed that with her cat and mouse game in the Tartarus Escapees arc.

Deku could barely dodge Japan's greatest sniper, even with his OFA Quirk. He needed to rely on multiple strategies to avoid getting hit, all while getting closer to her current position.

Lady Nagant was a former hero before she became a villain. This battle also presented a conflict of ideals in My Hero Academia.

In the end, Deku manages to light a fire within her, which had been extinguished a long time ago. His heroic beliefs, along with his actions, eventually got through to her.

2) Hawks versus Dabi and Twice (Paranormal Liberation War)

Twice really believed that Hawks and Dabi were his friends. It turns out that both men were using him. Hawks needed to infiltrate the Paranormal Liberation Front, while Dabi saw him as nothing more than a tool.

Tragically, it is Twice who meets his grisly end in this fight. Hawks didn't want to deliver the finishing blow, but he knew it was necessary. Twice's ability to make copies was too dangerous.

The fight itself deals with morally gray issues, yet none of the questions have easy answers.

1) Deku versus Class 1-A (Tartarus Escapees)

Deku was in a very bad place by this point in My Hero Academia. He didn't want the rest of his classmates to carry his burdens, which is why he left the U.A. However, the young protagonist had also grown cold and distant over the past few weeks.

Class 1-A wasn't going to let that happen, so they decided to rescue him instead. This is a highly emotional battle for everybody involved. Despite his desperate attempts to run away, his classmates still try to reason with him.

It took a heartfelt apology from Katsuki Bakugo to end the conflict. It wasn't going to be easy, but Deku's friends reassured him that everything would be okay.

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