My Hero Academia Chapter 350: Toya’s origin story explained, Dabi vs Shoto reaches a climax

Dabi narrates his past to Shoto in My Hero Academia Chapter 350 (Image via Shueisha)
Dabi narrates his past to Shoto in My Hero Academia Chapter 350 (Image via Shueisha)

Fans have been waiting for My Hero Academia Chapter 350 to reveal how Toya Todoroki became Dabi, and mangaka Horikoshi did not disappoint. Not only does the chapter clarify what happened to Toya after the incident at Sekoto Peak, it also outlines a part of AFO’s plans.

While the chapter tries to present Toya in a neutral light, the fandom has become significantly more sympathetic towards Dabi. However, the last few pages of My Hero Academia Chapter 350 do not reassure fans of Dabi’s survival.

My Hero Academia Chapter 350: AFO’s plan regarding Shigaraki plays an important part in Dabi’s origin story

In the last chapter, Deku was seen rushing towards U.A. when the vestige of the Second User of OFA appeared and discouraged him from using the Second Quirk. Back on Okuto Island, Uraraka and Froppy got ready to fight Toga, who seemed completely disillusioned.

In Kamino Ward, Lida and others were busy fighting a nomu, while Endeavor’s sidekicks tried to assist Shoto, who was facing his brother. Dabi was displeased that their father did not come himself, and vowed to destroy everything that he held dear. Upon being questioned, he resolved to tell his younger brother about what happened after his supposed death.

My Hero Academia Chapter 350 is titled, “Bound to a Fiery Fate.” For this chapter, the article will take a look at events in sections instead of following the linear progression page by page.

Dr. Garaki’s lament

My Hero Academia Chapter 350 opened with Dr. Kyodai Garaki muttering to himself inside his cell when a police officer overheared him. Garaki deduceed from the lack of guards that the final war had begun.

He continued to talk about how they had painstakingly gathered spares in case Shigaraki failed, and Dabi was one of them. However, he was immersed in darkness, so obsessed with his hatred for his father that even AFO couldn't make any use of him.

After Sekoto Peak

At Sekoto Peak, when Toya was on the brink of passing out from his flames, he saw a figure resembling AFO. He then woke up at an unknown room where a bunch of children informed him that he had been asleep for three years. Toya found that his body and voice had both changed, and he immediately thought of his family.

He wished to return home and apologize to his parents and siblings, but he was informed by a person, whose head resembled a sunflower, that it was no longer possible. A voice through a speaker further alerted him that his internal organs were severely damaged.

His pain-receptors had been destroyed to the extent that he could no longer feel pain. They used skin grafting to patch him up, but he would never be able to use his flames to their full potential. The voice told him that they wanted to recruit him at the peak of his talent, but he was little more than a failure now, which reminded him of Endeavor.

However, with time, they could bring him back to his previous potential. Toya replied angrily that he had no intention of learning from anyone other than his father. My Hero Academia Chapter 350 revealed that he later burned down the facility and ran away.

Toya’s return home

At Kamino, Dabi told Shoto that he did indeed go home after he escaped from the facility. Although he could no longer use his quirk to the best of his capabilities, he wanted to see the change in his family. However, he came across his own shrine in his room upon returning home, and then saw Endeavor train a young Shoto the same way he used to train Toya.

Believing that he had been surpassed, Toya became hateful towards his family, his father in particular. Even though his body shouldn’t have survived beyond a month, he persevered out of sheer willpower. He learned from watching Endeavor on screen, hating him and letting that hatred foster within him, to the point where his body became numb to the burns caused by his own flames.

My Hero Academia Chapter 350 showed him praying at his own shrine, proclaiming to Shoto that on that day,

“Toya died, and Dabi was born.”

The flames of vengeance

Garaki says how despite heat being essential for survival, Dabi’s flames only brought death. When Giran brought Dabi to the league as an adult, he recognized Garaki and guessed from the nomus that they were planning to turn Toya into one of those. He further told Garaki that he had come back for a funeral, presumably Endeavor’s.

My Hero Academia Chapter 350 returned to Kamino, where Dabi raised the flames to a high degree. Onima warned Shoto about it, who replied that he was aware that his brother came in prepared to die.

Dabi melted the statue of All Might, claiming that he would destroy everything Endeavor held dear. Shoto replied that he wouldn’t let his brother do anything like that. The two Todorokis then prepared to use their own Flashfire Fists against each other.

Final thoughts

Dabi melting the statue of All Might is significant because both he and Shoto were created to surpass the hero. It speaks volumes about Toya’s psyche, as well as the damage that was done to his perception, when he thought of himself being replaced when he watched his little brother being borderline tortured in the name of training.

It is unknown whether Dabi had burned the facility with the other children inside it. It seems likely from the fact that no other spare for Shigaraki has ever been mentioned before My Hero Academia Chapter 350. The surgical scars on Toya’s face indicate that the lower half of his face was grafted onto him, and this is where we see him start wearing his staples.

Dabi’s body is falling apart, and the heat of his flames hint that either he or Shoto will not come out of this alive. The way Horikoshi has drawn Dabi in the last pages of My Hero Academia Chapter 350 does not indicate that he plans to have him survive this war. However, readers can only wait for the next chapter for clarification. According to MANGA Plus, the series will be on break next week.

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