My Hero Academia Chapter 357 raw scans and spoilers: The battle between Endeavor and AFO continues, Deku reappears

The three focal characters in MHA Chapter 357 (Image via Kohei Horikoshi/Shueisha, My Hero Academia)
The three focal characters in MHA Chapter 357 (Image via Kohei Horikoshi/Shueisha, My Hero Academia)

Ever since a raw panel from My Hero Academia Chapter 357, containing the future appearances of the main trio, was leaked yesterday, fans have been wondering about a time skip. However, the detailed spoilers leaked today confirm that it is only a vision imagined by Endeavor in his monologue and not actually a look into the future.

The chapter is heavy in both dialogue and action. The battle between Endeavor and AFO reaches a fiery climax, but as usual, it seems like the villain has something dastardly up his sleeve.

My Hero Academia chapter 357 also has a shift of focus towards the protagonist, who has been absent for more than seven straight chapters.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 357 spoilers reveal a glimpse of future costumes, Deku returns to the fray

In the previous chapter, it was revealed that Endeavor had chosen his hero name after his father died while trying to protect a little girl.

Endeavor reminded himself to embrace his weaknesses and fight accordingly. Meanwhile, AFO managed to put his mask back together and attack the three remaining heroes.

Endeavor lost his right arm while trying to protect Hawks and Tokoyami from AFO’s blade attack. However, he replaced the lost arm with one made of fire and rebroke AFO’s Mask.

My Hero Academia Chapter 357 spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 357 begins with AFO employing a force field Quirk to evade Endeavor’s attack. The villain states that there is nothing scarier than a wounded hero.

Endeavor, on the other hand, appears right in front of AFO with the aid of Hawks’ feathers and attacks with his Vanishing Jet Burn. He tells Hawks that Prominence Burn is too taxing to be used when AFO has a shield up.

AFO crashes into the ground, and Endeavor physically drags him across the mountain without giving him a chance to recover.

AFO tries to steal the hero’s quirk, but Endeavor stops him by shooting fire out of his eyes. He replies to AFO that while his past actions cannot be changed, he can still ensure the future of the younger generations.

Here, My Hero Academia Chapter 357 shows a vision of an older Shoto in his future pro-hero get-up walking towards his classmates, who are waiting for him.

Endeavor uses Prominence Burn and reduces AFO to cinders, but Hawks realizes that AFO still has other moves to make.

AFO reveals that since his current body has served its purpose, he used it to test something. The scans show an image of Eri surrounded by capsules, but it is merely a visual representation. Suddenly, eyes and ears start to grow out of AFO’s charred remains.

AFO’s declaration alerts Yoichi, the First User of OFA. He appears next to Deku, who is still flying over the ocean towards UA, and warns the boy that several presences, alive or inanimate, are rushing towards them.


While Eri is still safe, her appearance on the panel indicates that these capsules/shots are similar to the Quirk-nullifying bullets that Chisaki had previously made from her cells.

One theory suggests that these capsules may trigger a different kind of regression and return a wounded body to its former uninjured state, similar to what Eri did with Mirio.

This begs the question of whether Dabi also possessed this drug and whether the silvery light that appeared on his chest was an indication that he had used it and is now healing himself.

My Hero Academia Chapter 357 sees the return of Deku. While the situation at the Gunga Mountains remains unsolved, the series may shift focus to Deku’s own battle and whatever is happening at UA with Shigaraki.

Yoichi’s appearance suggests that AFO is interconnected to the impending attack on Deku. Speculations run rampant regarding what the incoming objects are, with the most likely options being drones or Nomus.

Endeavor seems to be overpowering AFO in My Hero Academia Chapter 357, but it is clear that AFO is not finished.

It is unclear how long Endeavor will be able to keep up the fight, but it is also unlikely that any outside aid will be coming to Gunga Mountains.

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