My Hero Academia Chapter 364: A controversial resurrection in U.A. Grounds, All for One is fully restored

The next generation of Heroes is the central topic of My Hero Academia Chapter 364 (Image via Sportskeeda)
The next generation of Heroes is the central topic of My Hero Academia Chapter 364 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Shigaraki and AFO are more powerful than ever before after the release of My Hero Academia Chapter 364. The war against the villain continued in one of the most controversial chapters the series has ever seen.

Last week, fans saw Heroes slowly being overpowered by villains on all fronts. My Hero Academia Chapter 364, titled Why We Wield Power, continued with the trend of villains winning the war, although it gave fans a little bit of hope for the future of the franchise. Continue reading to learn more about the most important moments of My Hero Academia Chapter 364.

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Edgeshot demonstrates what a true Hero is like in My Hero Academia Chapter 364

What happened last time?

My Hero Academia Chapter 363 revealed that Bakugo’s heart was destroyed by Shigaraki, making everyone believe he was truly dead. Besides that, it also focused on Todoroki’s fight against Dabi and Skeptic’s mission of hacking All Might’s servers.

All for One’s dream

My Hero Academia Chapter 364 started with a flashback to the time when the Doctor was researching the Quirk Erasing Bullets developed by the Shie Hassaikai. The man figured out how to reverse engineer them to make them act as Eri’s original Quirk once again. He created a single bullet containing Eri’s power to help AFO during a dire situation.

Back in the present, AFO mocked Endeavor, telling him he did not expect Enji to be the one who pushed him so far. The villain’s body was reverting back to its prime form thanks to the bullet the Doctor left him. Tokoyami, who was still flying with Jiro, recognized Eri’s Quirk and was terrified with the idea of AFO having it.

Thanks to his renewed youth, AFO was able to move around the battlefield in seconds, stealing more Quirks and clothes to cover his body. The villain revealed to the Heroes that Eri’s Quirk would eventually destroy his body, something the villain was okay with, as he had already entrusted his dream to Shigaraki.

When Hawks asked AFO what his dream was, the villain said he wanted to destroy the future of the entire world.

A Hero’s power

My Hero Academia Chapter 364 continued in the United States of America. While their country was consumed by chaos, the U.S. president and his advisors were talking about their next move. Instead of fighting, the president wanted to appease Shigaraki, as his research department discovered that he was more than humanity as a whole could handle.

Agpar became furious with the president, claiming this would do nothing to prevent Shigaraki from destroying their country. The U.S. president refused to listen to the commander, claiming he was simply trying to prevent more people from dying in vain.

Reaching into his pocket, Agpar took out a photo of Star and Stripe as a child with All Might. The commander asked the president why he believed Star did all she could to save her country, even against an invincible enemy like Shigaraki.

Star sacrificed herself to give hope to future generations, just like All Might did. Agpar claimed that every Hero who has ever fought for what was right did so with this cause in mind.

Edgeshot’s sacrifice

My Hero Academia Chapter 364 went on to show Edgeshot walking towards Bakugo and Best Jeanist. The Ninja Hero claimed he had plenty of experience invading people's bodies due to his Quirk.

With all of his remaining energy, Edgeshot screamed at Mirko to keep fighting no matter what happened next. Shigaraki mocked the ninja for his words, proclaiming how pointless they were. Edgeshot continued with his speech, inspiring everyone around him.

The Ninja Hero approached Bakugo and started to transform his body into thread. Best Jeanist, who knew exactly what Edgeshot was thinking, told his old friend that there was no coming back from what he planned to do.

Edgeshot told his friends that he was aware and wanted his old club president to continue fighting. My Hero Academia chapter 364 ended with Edgeshot revealing to fans that he would become Bakugo’s new heart.

Final thoughts

Eri's power was of great importance in this chapter (Image via Studio Bones)
Eri's power was of great importance in this chapter (Image via Studio Bones)

For quite some time, the Heroes in Horikoshi’s manga had been unable to achieve a single victory over the villains. While My Hero Academia Chapter 364 did not change this, it planted seeds of hope for future chapters of the series to break this trend. Edgeshot is saving Bakugo, the symbol of victory for the franchise, which could be implying the Heroes are about to turn the situation around.

The chapter also revealed that outside of Japan, people are extremely scared of Shigaraki. Even the most powerful governments in the world fear the wrath of the villain. Nonetheless, Heroes are still willing to fight for the people that depend on them, as well as for the future generations.

Edgeshot as seen in the show (Image via Studio Bones)
Edgeshot as seen in the show (Image via Studio Bones)

This last topic was extremely relevant during the last pages of the chapter. Edgeshot is willing to give up his life if that allows a younger Hero to continue living. It is the exact opposite of AFO’s dream, which involves destroying the future for everyone else.

Overall, the chapter was extremely enjoyable and intriguing, with many themes that will surely be developed further in future chapters. Fans still do not know if Edgeshot’s attempt at saving Bakugo will work, so they will have to wait another week to see if the Ninja Hero is successful.