My Hero Academia Chapter 364: Why Best Jeanist should’ve been the one to save Bakugo

They have a close teacher and student relationship
They have a close teacher and student relationship (Image via My Hero Academia / Shueisha / Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia Chapter 364 has been a hot topic among the fanbase ever since Kohei Horikoshi decided to revive Bakugo from the dead, after the latter's heart was stopped by Tomura Shigaraki.

The latest chapter revealed that Edgeshot plans to sacrifice himself just to restart Bakugo's heart. However, this is a wrong choice, especially considering that he was doing nothing in the final war until My Hero Academia Chapter 364.

If anybody was going to resurrect Bakugo, it should've been his old mentor, Best Jeanist, who is a more appropriate choice for multiple reasons. Here, we look at some of these reasons.

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Here's why Best Jeanist needed to rescue Bakugo in My Hero Academia Chapter 364

Bakugo and Best Jeanist have a much closer relationship


Best Jeanist admired Bakugo's strength when he won the Sports Festival. However, the Pro Hero felt that he was too unruly and needed to be straightened out, and therefore offered Bakugo a chance to learn under his tutelage.

Although he proved to be very difficult, Bakugo did respect Best Jeanist for what he said about heroes and villains. Back in the Hideout Raid arc, he straight up refused to join the League of Villains. Best Jeanist had the rare ability to make Bakugo think about his actions.

My Hero Academia Chapter 364 was the perfect time for Best Jeanist to make the save. He was completely heartbroken when he first saw Bakugo's dead body and it would've made sense for a mentor to help out his student one last time. However, that honor went to Edgeshot, a character with no relation to Bakugo.

Edgeshot seems like a convenient plot device

For the longest time, Edgeshot was mainly a background character who dropped in and out. He is woefully underdeveloped with a lot of wasted potential. However, all of a sudden, he is now going to sacrifice his own life to save Bakugo's in My Hero Academia Chapter 364. This makes the death less meaningful.

There needs to be more hero casualties beyond simple background characters. Otherwise, these casualties feel like a convenient plot device. Horikoshi made the same mistake in the previous war by only taking out minor heroes like Crust.

Another issue is that Edgeshot doesn't have any personal connection to Bakugo, unlike Best Jeanist. Heroes don't need a reason to save anybody, but from a writing standpoint, developed characters are the better choice for a death scene, since readers would be far more attached to them.

Best Jeanist would've been a far more tragic sacrifice


When he finally realizes what happened in My Hero Academia Chapter 364, Bakugo is going to live with a lot of regret. However, there would be several more layers of tragedy if Best Jeanist made the sacrifice instead.

There's no reason why he couldn't use the Fiber Master Quirk to perform a surgery in My Hero Academia Chapter 364. Horikoshi could've also written a completely different injury for Bakugo, just so it would make sense for Best Jeanist to close up his bloody wounds.

The Pro Hero could've died saving his patient when Shigaraki attacked him. That way, after the war, Bakugo would really have to think about everything Best Jeanist has done for him over the past year.

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