My Hero Academia Chapter 365 sees Horikoshi make baffling choices regarding Edgeshot and Jeanist's roles

It seems that not even Bakugou can understand Horikoshi
It seems that not even Bakugou can understand Horikoshi's choices anymore (Image via bones Studio)

Throughout the week, My Hero Academia Chapter 365 leaks, raw scans, and the unofficial release has sent the fanbase into a frenzy. The sudden death and revival of Katsuki Bakugo, combined with the choice of who saves him and how he is saved, have many fans criticizing Horikoshi.

Fans are choosing to use ornamental language, but the sentiment remains that My Hero Academia Chapter 365 has the series’ audience worried for its future. In addition to the confusing approach regarding Bakugo’s apparent fake-out death, fans are claiming that recent events have ruined the tension of the final arc.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down the choices Horikoshi makes within My Hero Academia Chapter 365.

My Hero Academia Chapter 365 leaves many fans confused as to what the series’ future will hold

The latest events

One of the most controversial plot devices in shonen anime and manga is that of the fake-out death. The term is somewhat self-explanatory, with a suggestion that a character is dead only to be saved in some unforeseen way. However, few fake-out deaths receive the backlash that My Hero Academia Chapter 365 has faced.

The last 3 issues, including Chapter 365, saw Katsuki Bakugou’s heart stop and the young hero was declared to be dead. However, the issue after this proclamation saw the No. 4 hero, Edgeshot, using a secret technique to heal Bakugou, with dialogues heavily implying he’d be sacrificing his life.

Rather than sacrificing his life for Bakugo, Edgeshot’s technique will instead eliminate a considerable portion of his lifespan away.

There are other issues with the execution as well, such as Edgeshot having a bubble from No. 7 Hero Wash to sanitize himself before entering Bakugou’s body. However, fans are instead choosing to focus on the strange choices series author and illustrator Kohei Horikoshi has made.

Unsurprisingly, many fans have expressed their displeasure with Edgeshot being the one to sacrifice himself. These grievances came much before fans learned how the sacrifice would affect him. Fans further cited issues with a background character who has had no on-screen interaction with Bakugou.

The disappointment reached a new low with the news of Edgeshot's sacrifice. Many fans expressed discontent with the choice to have a background character make a lesser sacrifice, rather than giving his life for the young hero.

It also raises issues with the series having minimal hero deaths in what was supposed to be the biggest war Hero Society has ever found themselves in. It seems that this, combined with the reversed fake-out death, has truly riled fans up this week.

A point many fans are making is that Horikoshi seems to be getting his wires crossed as of My Hero Academia Chapter 365. A typical fake-out death, which sees a character revived by another’s sacrifice, usually goes one of two ways. Either a background character gives up their life, or a more relevant character close to the victim gives up something just short of their life.

With this in mind, many fans are critiquing Horikoshi for trying to blend the two approaches, especially with Bakugou’s mentor, No. 3 Hero Best Jeanist, present for Edgeshot’s sacrifice. Hori seems to get away with a lesser character making a sacrifice, which has not resonated with the series’ readers.

One of the biggest reasons for this is that Edgeshot doesn’t seem to be doing anything that Best Jeanist can't do. While Edgeshot’s power sees him enter into Bakugo’s body to repair everything, Jeanist could have accomplished the same thing with a similar technique. Horikoshi could have given Jeanist the exact same technique with no questions asked from fans.

The overall situation of My Hero Academia Chapter 365 has many fans assuming Horikoshi doesn’t have the arc planned out.

Many fans are hopeful that something on the horizon will rectify the mess My Hero Academia Chapter 365 has seemingly charted. However, it may be a little too late, for the stakes fans were hoping for in My Hero Academia Chapter 365 to pop up.

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