My Hero Academia Chapter 374: Will the Twice clones spell doom for Hawks?

Hawks might be in great danger right now
Hawks might be in great danger right now (Image via My Hero Academia / Shueisha / Studio Bones)

Hawks can only hope Twice doesn't kill him beyond the grave after My Hero Academia Chapter 374.

Nothing is turning out right for the heroes in the final war. Ever since Kurogiri was released from the hospital, AFO could freely use his teleportation abilities to send villains to various locations. My Hero Academia Chapter 374 saw the return of Twice's clones, via Himiko Toga and her Transformation Quirk.

AFO knows how to manipulate a person's emotions. Over at the Gunga Mountain Villa, Endeavor and Hawks now have to deal with Dabi and Twice's clones. My Hero Academia Chapter 374 raises serious death flags for both of these Pro Heroes, considering they are fighting ghosts of their pasts.

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Twice's clones look to avenge the original against Hawks in My Hero Academia Chapter 374


Hawks befriended Twice while he was infiltrating the Paranormal Liberation Front. Despite getting along with each other, their friendship wasn't going to last forever. During the ensuing chaos of the Paranormal Liberation War, Hawks was left with no choice but to kill Twice.

It wasn't as much a heroic act as it was a desperate move to ensure stability. If he was given the chance, Twice could've used his Double Quirk to cause widespread death and destruction. There is no way the heroes could take on two Gigantomachias, let alone more.

This was a very tragic death scene, simply because Twice has been taken advantage of his entire life. While he did feel terrible about what happened, Hawks still justified his actions by My Hero Academia Chapter 374, simply because he felt the stakes were too high.

My Hero Academia Chapter 374 continues to haunt the hero

Twice might be long dead, but that doesn't mean he's gone for good. Dabi made sure to collect a blood sample before leaving the crime scene. He would later give a vial to Himiko Toga. Her Transformation Quirk relies on blood consumption before she can turn into someone.

My Hero Academia Chapter 374 ends with a cliffhanger featuring Hawks and a few Twice clones. It's readily apparent that Himiko drank the blood vial, transformed into Twice, and used his Double Quirk to produce multiple clones. Either way, they made their way to Hawks via Kurogiri's portals.

Upon seeing them in the flesh, Hawks told Endeavor that both of them needed to finish off the clones very quickly. There is no telling what type of damage they will cause after My Hero Academia Chapter 374.

Naturally, many readers are concerned for Hawks

Endeavor and Hawks sustained heavy injuries in their fight against the villainous AFO. Needless to say, Dabi and the Twice clones have the advantage here. Since this is the final arc of the series, many readers are worried that Endeavor and Hawks will finally meet their end.

Dabi and Twice have a personal vendetta against Endeavor and Hawks, for one reason or another. If the Pro Heroes were to die, it would be very fitting to go out against those villains, as tragic as it would be.

Death flags have certainly been raised for the number one and two Pro Heroes. Whether they live or die, it's clear that a new generation will take over after the final war. Readers can only hope that Hawks survives this encounter.

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