My Hero Academia chapter 375: Tsuyu makes fatal mistake in understanding Toga’s plan

Toga is the most dangerous when she
Toga is the most dangerous when she's cornered (Image via My Hero Academia / Shueisha / Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia chapter 375 saw a major turning point in the war due to a single mistake made by the Heroes.

When he was still alive, Twice was considered extremely dangerous for his ability to make copies of people. That was the main reason why Hawks was forced to kill him back in the Paranormal Liberation War. Unfortunately, for the Heroes, Dabi picked up his blood sample and gave it to Himiko Toga.

With the ability to transform into a person if she drinks their blood, Toga always had the potential to bring Twice back with a massive army of clones. These fears were finally realized shortly before My Hero Academia chapter 375. All it took was a single mistake to get there in the first place.

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Tsuyu Asui was too careful against Himiko Toga in My Hero Academia chapter 375

Toga had a plan right from the start


Over at Okuto Island, Himiko Toga was completely outnumbered in My Hero Academia chapter 375. Several villains have already been defeated by this point, which meant that she couldn't really hide from the heroes. Ochako Uraraka even made sure that at least four Heroes kept watching Toga.

Unfortunately, they completely underestimated Toga's ability to read people. She already knew Tsuyu is a very calculating person, based on their past experiences in the Forest Training Camp. Tsuyu was smart enough not to engage in a full battle with Toga, since the latter's abilities weren't fully known at the time.

Toga used this knowledge to her advantage in My Hero Academia chapter 375. At just the right moment, she held a capsule to her mouth, only for Tsuyu to destroy it with her tongue. The Class 1-A student had good reason to believe that Toga was going to transform into someone like Tomura Shigaraki or AFO.

Tsuyu fell right into a trap

My Hero Academia chapter 375 revealed yet another contingency plan on behalf of the villains. Toga knew that Tsuyu would take extra precautions by destroying her vial. It turned out that she used a decoy filled with a powerful drug that attracts Nomus. They all started going after Tsuyu shortly afterwards.

Tsuyu did what any cautious hero would've done. With that in mind, Toga used Tsuyu's intelligence against her. All of a sudden, a giant explosion occurred as the Nomu start attacking. When the dust finally settled, Toga finally transformed into Tsuyu and drank the real vial containing Twice's blood.

By the end of My Hero Academia chapter 375, Toga turned in Twice and went through Kurogiri's portal, which sent her to the Gunga Mountain Villa. With only 30-40 minutes left to use the transformation, Toga activated the Sad Man's Parade and unleashed a swarm of Twice Clones.

With that said, Tsuyu can still redeem herself

The battle is not quite over yet after My Hero Academia chapter 375. Over at Okuto Island, Tsuyu used her long tongue to drag herself and Ochako through Kurogiri's portal, right before it was about to close.

Tsuyu could still make a difference in the upcoming fight at the Gunga Mountain Villa. With some help from Ochako, she might have a chance to get through to Toga. They are the only two girls who could possibly reason with her at this point in the series.

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