My Hero Academia chapter 390: Shoto’s “Rising” finally brings the Todoroki plotline to a shocking end

Shoto gets a "Rising" chapter (Image via studio Bones)
Shoto gets a "Rising" chapter (Image via studio Bones)

My Hero Academia chapter 390 was published on Monday, June 5, 2023, at 12 am JST in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #27 following the unexpected break from mangaka Kohei Horikoshi. The chapter seemingly brought the Todoroki family conflict to an end.

My Hero Academia chapter 390 is titled Shoto Todoroki: Rising. Fans had waited eagerly for another "Rising" chapter since Bakugou’s. However, the chapter garnered mixed reviews, with some fans feeling that mangaka Horikoshi yet again shied away from portraying the proper consequences of his characters’ actions.

My Hero Academia chapter 390 leaves Shoto Todoroki and Dabi on the edge of an unknown fate

In the previous chapter, the Todoroki family failed to assuage Dabi and his detonation. While the civilians and heroes rushed to evacuate, Ochako was shown to be still fighting Toga. As Dabi rejoiced that his family was finally looking at him, cracks appeared on his face. Shoto and Tenya neared Gunga, with the former activating his “Flashfire: Phosphor.”

My Hero Academia chapter 390: Summary

Shoto and Iida break the sound barrier( Image via Kohei Horikoshi/ Shueisha)
Shoto and Iida break the sound barrier( Image via Kohei Horikoshi/ Shueisha)

My Hero Academia chapter 390 began with Iida reaching his limit. Shoto used Phosphor to enhance their speed, simultaneously using ice to coll them both down and fire to heat the air in front of them to reduce friction. They reached Transonic speed before Iida’s legs gave out. He thanked Shoto for giving him the opportunity to be his best self and urged his friend to do the same.

My Hero Academia chapter 390 then elaborated that in his letters to his mother, Shoto expressed a desire to be more like his friends. Through trial and error, he understood the value of conflicting opinions, arguments, and resolutions. As Shoto reached Dabi, he realized that his and his brother’s past was so easily resolved, but he also acknowledged that he had many words to say to Toya.

Shoto unleashed the Great Glacial Aegir, finally knocking Dabi down and shutting down the detonation. He stated that the presence of the rest of his family likely helped cool down Toya since his flames were even hotter than Kamino. Natsuo wondered what would become of Dabi, who, on the other hand, continued to curse his family.

Endeavor apologized to his family as he moved closer to Toya, but it was Shoto who collapsed from exhaustion. Elsewhere, Himiko Toga, who was still in her Twice garb, looked towards where Dabi had fallen and wondered if he managed to laugh at the end. Behind Toga, Ochako was seen being pinned to the ground with innumerable Twice clones.

My Hero Academia chapter 390 review and analysis

My Hero Academia chapter 390 delves deep into Shoto’s struggles with fitting in and learning from his classmates. His inner reflection in the chapter highlights both his growth and his maturity. Contrarily, Dabi is set in his views, refusing till his last breath to consider any other point of view but his own. In essence, Shoto portrays change, and Dabi embodies the refusal to do so.

Dabi’s fate has disappointed as many fans as it has placated. While many fans are happy that he survived, others have pointed out that his current physical condition is worse than death and even if he does survive using extensive medical therapy, he will still be tried for his crimes when all of this is over.

Additionally, many readers still refuse to hold Dabi responsible for his actions, putting the entire blame on Endeavor. It remains a point of contention and garners much derision from the rest of the fandom, who staunchly hold Dabi responsible for his decisions. Another point to note is that Endeavor had specific apologies to offer to every member of his family, save for Shoto.

Final thoughts

My Hero Academia chapter 390 announced another break for the series before the manga returns in issue 29. In the author’s comments on this chapter, mangaka Horikoshi has apologized for taking so frequent breaks but has assured his fans that he will “push through” to the final arc. Readers can find more details regarding that here: Horikoshi’s apology to the fans.

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