My Hero Academia chapter 394 spoilers and raw scans: Ochaco vs Toga battle comes to a shocking end

Toga vs Ochaco comes to a close (image Via Studio Bones)
Toga vs Ochaco comes to a close (image Via Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia chapter 394 is set to be published in Weekly Shonen Jump issue 33 on Monday, July 17, at 12 AM JST. The spoilers released today mark this as an emotional chapter that illustrates both Ochaco and Toga’s characters as their battle ends.

In the previous chapter, Toga activated Dead Man’s legion and tried to eradicate the heroes. Ochaco had a Quirk Awakening and began to use Zero Gravity without touching the objects. The two girls confronted each other and Ochaco finally broke through to Toga.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from My Hero Academia chapter 394.

My Hero Academia chapter 394 spoilers reveal Ochaco hugging Toga as their battle finally ends

According to the spoilers, My Hero Academia chapter 394 is titled “Ochaco Uraraka vs Himiko Toga.” The chapter is 15 pages long and contains a colored double spread celebrating the 9th anniversary of the series. There will be no break next week.

My Hero Academia chapter 394 spoilers begin with Ochaco realizing that her quirk is acting weirdly. Zero Gravity is deployed without her touching the people and the new clones Toga tries to create are born within a floating bubble. Toga understands that Ochaco is having a quirk-awakening like she herself had while fighting Curious. Kamui and Tiger remark on Ochaco’s growth as she realizes that her body is growing cold.

They seem to be connected by a wire as Ochaco shares the story of her parents and her changing convictions regarding becoming a hero. She confesses her crush on Midoriya and says that all of this make her who she is. Toga is unable to attack her and starts sharing her backstory as well, including her time with the boy who looked like Midoriya.

Toga employing Sad Man's Legion in chapter 393 (Image via Shueisha/Kohei Horikoshi)
Toga employing Sad Man's Legion in chapter 393 (Image via Shueisha/Kohei Horikoshi)

Toga knows that she falls in love very easily, be it with objects, places, animals, or people. Despite the world calling her a monster for it, the League of Villains accepted her as their own. They were the only people to ever become her home. As the Twice clones start to disintegrate, Toga realizes that she has severe trauma, and has been suffering from it for a long while.

She also realizes that once the transformation comes to an end, the clones will disappear and Bubaigawara will be gone forever. Jiro notices that Ochaco is hugging Toga despite her growing wound. While Ochaco knows that the league is irreplaceable, she can still admire Toga’s strength and beauty.

Toga starts crying as she asks the other girl if she is cute. According to My Hero Academia chapter 394, the clones completely disappear as Ochaco replies:

“The cutest in the whole world.”


According to the spoilers and raw scans, My Hero Academia chapter 394 confirms that Toga is romantically attracted to both boys and girls. Ochaco once again confirms her crush on Midoriya.

The state of her wound is not shown, but by stating that her body is growing cold, the chapter suggests that Ochaco might be in critical condition. Like Shoto after the final battle with Dabi, she might collapse right after the chapter.

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