My Hero Academia: How Edgeshot’s Quirk works

Edgeshot knows how to move around with his Quirk
Edgeshot knows how to move around with his Quirk (Image via My Hero Academia / Shueisha / Studio Bones)

Edgeshot doesn't use his Quirk often in My Hero Academia, despite having one of the better abilities in the series.

Known as the Ninja Hero, Edgeshot is ranked fourth in the Japanese billboard charts. He stands out for his cool design and calm demeanor. Given his ninja status, it's only fitting that he relies on a stealthy Quirk.

Edgeshot doesn't get much screen time, but anytime he uses his powers, he always manages to steal the show.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the personal views of the writer. It also contains major spoilers from My Hero Academia Chapter 364. Edgeshot's versatile Quirk plays a crucial role in this chapter.

Edgeshot can stretch his body and make himself thinner in My Hero Academia

Edgeshot's Foldabody is classified as a Transformation Quirk in My Hero Academia. The Pro Hero can basically fold his body into several different forms. For example, he can completely flatten his body or make himself really thin. Apparently, he trained hard for many years to master this Quirk.

According to Edgeshot, he can move faster than the speed of sound when using his Quirk. The quick transformation process allows him to attack enemies without giving them a chance to react. It's unknown if there are physical restrictions to how far he can stretch his body.

Unlike most Quirks in My Hero Academia, Foldabody doesn't have a specific weakness. Some readers believe that Edgeshot has wasted potential since he doesn't show up very often. Regardless of whether or not this is true, his lack of combat feats makes it difficult to figure out his limitations.

Foldabody has a wide range of uses

Edgeshot often makes stealthy entrances by passing through narrow spaces. Since he can transform his body into various shapes, there isn't a single opening that he can't slide through. The Ninja Hero used this ability to sneak up behind the League of Villains back in the Hideout Raid arc.

Foldabody also has offensive capabilities in My Hero Academia. Edgeshot can twist and turn his body into a piercing thin line. Back in the Hideout Raid arc, he knocked out a Nomu creature by cutting off his blood circulation. He also turned himself paper thin so that he could pass through objects.

Last but not least, Edgeshot has the rare ability to fight mid-air. He simply folds his body into a long series of lines to do so. He can also selectively choose which parts of his body remain thin. The Pro Hero briefly showcased this ability when he fought All For One in the Hideout Raid arc.

Edgeshot can give away his life to protect somebody else

My Hero Academia Chapter 364 leaks suggest that Edgeshot will sacrifice his life to resurrect Katsuki Bakugo.

In previous chapters, Tomura Shigaraki blew a giant hole through Bakugo's chest, which caused his heart to stop beating.

Based on his statements in Chapter 364, Edgeshot has previous experience with entering bodies. This will prove useful in Bakugo's medical treatment.

Edgeshot is currently extending parts of his body thinly to repair Bakugo's heart. However, as Best Jeanist warned him, he might not be able to survive this surgical process.

Edgeshot doesn't mind one bit because he believes it is a hero's job to save another person's life.

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