My Hero Academia's most disliked character goes through exactly what Naruto did to Sakura

Ochaku Uraraka from My Hero Academia (Image via Studio Bones)
Ochaku Uraraka from My Hero Academia (Image via Studio Bones)

In an anime that presents an extensive number of characters, it is quite obvious that some characters will be highly celebrated whereas some will receive an immense amount of hate.

Ochako Uraraka is a fierce heroine who has been through considerably good character development in My Hero Academia, but she is unfortunately the manga's most hated character.

While there are many reasons behind the hatred inflicted on Ochako, some reasons behind it are justified, whereas others don't hold any actual significance or rationality.

This phenomenon is not something new in the anime community, as fans have already witnessed the same thing happening to Sakura in Naruto. On a closer look, fans may find several parallels between these two characters too.

Ochako Uraraka's portrayal in the My Hero Academia anime is very different from that in the manga

The chief reasons for the hatred

Ochako Urarka in My Hero Academia (Image via Studio Bones)
Ochako Urarka in My Hero Academia (Image via Studio Bones)

Ochako Uraraka is a student in Class 1-A at U.A. High School. She is known to be warm and has an optimistic outlook. Her empathy and kindness towards others make her one of the sweetest characters in the show. She cares about her friends and won't even bat an eyelid before protecting them when needed.

She is a very bubbly character who has also proved herself to be strong and deserving to be at UA High. She has a very soft nature. She likes to cheer and encourage others and feels good about their achievements, which is quite a heroic feature in itself.


While her sweetness eventually came across as pretty annoying to anime watchers, it was quite the opposite for manga readers as they witnessed the beautiful character development Horikoshi made her go through.

From wanting to be a hero to supporting her family to wanting to be the hero of society who protects every family along with hers, she developed determination, strength, and control in her quirk just through focus and hard work.


A major reason behind her being seen with the eyes of hatred by fans of My Hero Academia is due to the way she is portrayed in the anime, which does not do justice to Ochako in the manga.

Ochako Uraraka is a fierce heroine with a strong sense of justice. Not only that, but her character has a certain grounding and peacefulness to it that brings the hero/heroine closer to his/her people.

Ochako and Deku from My Hero Academia during Joint Training Arc. (image via Studio Bones)
Ochako and Deku from My Hero Academia during Joint Training Arc. (image via Studio Bones)

She is not just a positive character but also someone who is gifted with the trait of understanding. During the final round of the Joint Training Arc, Deku suddenly activated the Blackwhip, an ability that powers through emotions. He lost all control over himself during the incident and his rage-activated Blackwhip took over him.

While no one could even get near Deku, Ochako took the matter into her hands. She used her quirk, Zero Gravity, to jump up and get near him without thinking twice. She grabbed him and then took assistance to get him back to his senses, which showcased her bravery and trust in friendship as well as heroism.

Ochako Uraraka is a character with immense potential but is definitely underutilized by the creator. It seems like she was created by Horikoshi to bring a love interest to the main character. Even if she never approached Deku directly about her feelings, it is quite evident that she likes him and aspires to be like him.

But that is not a justified reason to hate one character as every character in My Hero Academia has idolized someone or the other. Even Deku has idolized Bakugo in certain ways and Shoto has learned a lot from Deku.


Although Ochako is the only possible love interest created by Horikoshi for Deku, she is not widely accepted by the fanbase. Fans would have liked her if she was just an independent character with a stronger motive and backstory.

The tag of the most hated character in My Hero Academia also came mainly because of the canon relationship between Ochako and Deku, which comes in between all the fan-ships and fan-fiction created by the majority of the audience.

The majority of the fanbase prefers other fan ships like Bakugo X Deku and Deku X Shoto which clearly makes her the target of irrational hatred. Her character has simply received an immense amount of hatred since she was introduced to the anime, even before she got the opportunity to develop along with the story for this reason.

Parallels between My Hero Academia's Ochako and Sakura from Naruto

Ochako Uraraka and Sakura Haruno would be best friends (canon)

My Hero Academia's most hated character, Ochako got the same treatment as Sakura, who was the most hated character of Naruto. Even after being from two different anime universes, both characters share somewhat similar character designs and face a similar kind of hatred.

Sakura and Ochako are both sweet yet strong females but lack a stronger character orientation and also went through slower character development. They seem more like side characters than prominent protagonists in the anime.

Despite having a positive outlook and a sweet nature, they seem annoying to certain fans due to the fact that their side of the story majorly revolves around some other characters in the story, which is not a hundred percent true.


In Naruto, Sakura has been shown to be in love with Sasuke, just as Ochako has been showcased to be having feelings for Deku. But both the anime failed to portray the male side of the story majorly due to the theme and narrative, which makes it look like the female character is running behind them.

Also, both the male characters from Naruto and My Hero Academia are preferred to be seen or shipped with other main characters in their series even after the odd dynamics they share, which is again similar between Naruto x Sasuke and Deku x Bakugo.

A majority of fans find the dynamics between the male characters and someone else to be more entertaining and acceptable. Thus, both female characters are not widely accepted in their fandom and are perceived to be annoying whenever they are shown going after their heart.

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