My Hero Academia Season 6 implies that Shigaraki took Nine’s Quirks

Two very powerful and dangerous villains
Two very powerful and dangerous villains (Image via Sportskeeda)

Some fans believe that Shigaraki might be using Nine's Quirks in the sixth episode of My Hero Academia Season 6. For context, Nine was the main villain of My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. He was known for holding multiple Quirks in his possession. Kohei Horikoshi considers these movies to be canon with the source material, so Nine's existence is particularly relevant for My Hero Academia Season 6.

During the events of the sixth episode, Shigaraki engaged in combat with Endeavor, the strongest Pro Hero in the entire country. Some fans believed that Shigaraki used a Quirk that once belonged to Nine. However, not everybody holds onto this belief in the community.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views. It will also contain manga spoilers toward the end of the article.

My Hero Academia Season 6 has fans wondering if Shigaraki can use Nine's Quirks

Shigaraki and Nine use a similar technique

I never noticed but Shigaraki is using Nine’s shield quirk #MyHeroAcademia #heroaca_a

Before the events of My Hero Academia Season 6, Shigaraki underwent a performance enhancement surgery in the Jaku Hospital. Kyudai Garaki gave him the AFO Quirk in the process, which means Shigaraki can use multiple powers by stealing them from other people.

During his fight with Endeavor in the sixth episode, Shigaraki protected himself from the Pro Hero's fiery attacks. Twitter user @MHAOrlando noticed how the yellow barrier is very similar to Nine's Air Wall Quirk. Both these defensive techniques can shield the user from attacks.

Naturally, other viewers also caught on with the comparisons in My Hero Academia Season 6. Shigaraki and Nine both received their powerful upgrades via Kyudai and his surgical procedures. Their ability to hold multiple Quirks is a rare feat in this series, so there is definitely a connection.

However, there are alternative explanations for what happened

@MHAOrlando That isn’t Nine’s “shield” quirk. That’s just air canon. That orange aura is just from Endeavor’s fire attack

Twitter user @Oreo166 believes that Shigaraki wasn't using the Air Wall Quirk. Instead, he was using the Air Cannon Quirk to deflect Endeavor's attacks, giving it the orange glow that Nine was known for.

This would be a plausible explanation for what happened in the recent episode of My Hero Academia Season 6. It doesn't help that both Air Wall and Air Cannon are very similar in nature since they are powered up by wind. If that is the case, then it would be very easy to confuse the two Quirks.

Before going any further, there will be manga spoilers that haven't been adapted into My Hero Academia Season 6. Viewers should keep that in mind before reading the next paragraph or so.


Anyway, at no point in the story does Shigaraki ever use Nine's powers, including Air Wall. Kyudai only gave Nine a duplicate of the AFO Quirk, meaning that he was forced to steal other Quirks for himself.

It's not like Kyudai had those powers within his possession. Otherwise, he would've given those Quirks to Shigaraki by My Hero Academia Season 6. Nine was also killed by Shigaraki long before the latter had access to the AFO Quirk, so he couldn't have stolen them by then.

Either way, Shigaraki and Nine are very dangerous threats in their own right. It doesn't matter whether or not the former is using Air Cannon or Air Wall. Not many heroes can get past his fortified defenses so easily.

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