My Hero Academia: 10 most powerful Quirks that AFO has stolen so far

Rivet Stab is a particular favorite (Image via My Hero Academia/Shueisha/Studio Bones)
Rivet Stab is a particular favorite (Image via My Hero Academia/Shueisha/Studio Bones)

All For One (AFO) would never pass up the opportunity to steal a Quirk in My Hero Academia. In a way, the villain is almost like a kleptomaniac. He just takes anything he sees, regardless of the consequences.

With the use of the AFO Quirk, All For One can steal another person's abilities for himself. This makes him a very dangerous threat in My Hero Academia.

Here's a look at the overall strength of AFO's stolen Quirks.

Note: This article contains several manga spoilers for My Hero Academia and the Vigilantes spin-off. It also reflects the writer's personal views.

Search, Radio Waves and 8 other Quirks AFO has stolen from others in My Hero Academia

1) Air Walk

Air Walk grants users levitation powers so they can stay afloat. Keep in mind that very few characters have the ability to fly in My Hero Academia. This gives AFO a major combat advantage, especially if heroes cannot reach him.

AFO originally displayed this Quirk back in the Hideout Raid. He eventually gave it to Lady Nagant during the Tartarus Escapees arc. By doing so, the sniper had a better vantage point to attack Izuku Midoriya.

2) Search


Search can be used to detect a hundred people at any given time. It can also be used to locate specific weak points.

AFO clearly saw its potential value in My Hero Academia. The Quirk originally belonged to Ragdoll of the Wild, Wild Pussycats. AFO stole it from her during the Forest Training Camp arc. He eventually transferred this power to his protege, Tomura Shigaraki.

Midoriya ended up leaving the U.A. because of this Quirk. He didn't want Shigaraki to go after his friends and family.

3) Muscle Augmentation


This is a very basic Quirk, but it gives AFO a great source of power. Muscle Augmentation greatly amplifies the user's physical strength. Users can also manipulate their muscles for extra speed boosts.

AFO used this Quirk to counteract All Might during the Hideout Raid arc. Muscle Augmentation is also used to power up his combination attacks. It was later given to a High-End Nomu during the Pro Hero arc.

4) Hardflame Fan

Hardflame Fan was first introduced in the final arc. It produces a powerful fire blast from the user's body.

AFO can use this for offensive and defensive purposes in My Hero Academia. He can heat up his attacks while protecting himself in a wall of flames. He used this against Endeavor and the Pro Heroes during their climactic battle.

Despite its destructive power, there are better fire Quirks in the series. Endeavor can still overpower Hardflame Fan with his own Hellflame.

5) Radio Waves

Users can interrupt radio signals and destroy communication systems. AFO and Shigaraki both used this Quirk, but the former is far more experienced with it.

Radio Waves can be used in conjunction with the Air Cannon ability. This gives it a greater range of control within the area.

More importantly, users can also summon powerful Nomu to do their bidding. AFO even broke into Tartarus by disrupting their defenses. This versatile power has plenty of criminal uses in My Hero Academia.

6) Air Cannon

Air Cannon releases a massive shockwave from the user's arm. AFO and Shigaraki regularly use this long-range Quirk to maintain their distance. They can also control its shape and size for a variety of attacks.

AFO understands the combo potential of this Quirk, which is why he gave it to Shigaraki. Using Air Cannon with Radio Waves and Heavy Payload, users can release a giant beam of pure energy.

7) Overclock


This ability has never been used in My Hero Academia. Instead, it made its first appearance in Vigilantes. This spin-off manga is set before the events of My Hero Academia.

Overclock can be used to accelerate the user at extremely fast speeds. For a few seconds, the entire world seems frozen, allowing the user to speed blitz through anything. However, there are severe drawbacks, such as oxygen deprivation and the cooldown period.

Overclock originally belonged to Iwao Oguro, who also went by the hero name O'Clock. However, AFO ran into him and stole the Quirk. The villain would later give it to the powerful Number Six.

8) Super Regeneration

This is a very annoying Quirk to deal with in My Hero Academia.

Super Regeneration allows the user to survive devastating injuries by healing their bodies. This valuable power can restore missing body parts in no time. AFO didn't just give it to himself; he also gave it to Shigaraki and several powerful Nomu. He understands the useful nature of this Quirk.

Users can recover from the vast majority of attacks. With that said, fire-based abilities may cauterize the wounds before they regenerate. Endeavor took this into consideration when he destroyed the Nomu from the Pro Hero arc.

9) Life Force


Life Force is among the most useful Quirks in My Hero Academia. Users can double their lifespan with this power. They will also experience aging at a much slower rate than normal.

While the Quirk is supposed to limit mobility, AFO bypasses this with his multiple powers. He gets all the benefits without any drawbacks.

AFO has kept himself alive for over a century now. He possesses the original Quirk from Kyudai Garaki. The doctor uses a duplicate version instead.

10) Rivet Stab

Without question, this is AFO's favorite Quirk. He regularly uses it in My Hero Academia.

Rivet Stab forms black tendrils from the user's body. This long-range attack can reach targets from a great distance. It can also pierce through the toughest characters, such as Endeavor and Katsuki Bakugo.

AFO generally produces this attack from his finger, although he can also use his spine. It's a deadly move that can strike a person with extreme precision.

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