My Hero Academia season 6 may bring back cut Spinner scene

Spinner makes his intentions very clear
Spinner makes his intentions very clear (Image via My Hero Academia / Shueisha / Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia season 6 brings good news to Spinner fans, based on the preview images for episode 13.

Spinner's relationship with Shigaraki is a defining aspect of his character. However, several manga readers felt that Studio Bones treated him unfairly by cutting him out during important scenes in the anime. However, that's set to change in the next episode of My Hero Academia season 6, so viewers need to stay tuned.

Episode 13, titled Final Performance, is set to air on December 24, 2022. Based on the preview images, it seems as though Spinner will get his chance to properly shine in My Hero Academia season 6. One image greatly resembles the manga panels that were cut in the anime years ago.

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My Hero Academia season 6 episode 13 will reintroduce the scene where Spinner questions Shigaraki's direction

This preview shot is familiar to manga readers

They will put the cut part of Spinner from MVA in the next episodeπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

If a viewer only watched the anime and never read the manga before My Hero Academia season 6, they would just look at the screenshot and ask themselves why Spinner is yelling at the top of his lungs. Of course, manga readers know exactly what's about to happen in episode 13.

The above screenshot is directly taken from a manga panel that never made it to the anime. Studio Bones cut a lot of Spinner content during the Meta Liberation Army storyline.

In the manga, there was a scene where Spinner argued with Shigaraki over their lost motivation. Originally, this conversation would've taken place right before the League of Villains ran into Gigantomachia.

By this point, they were so down in the dumps that Spinner was beginning to question Shigaraki's direction. It seems as though this scene will finally be used in My Hero Academia season 6.

Why is this scene particularly important?


Spinner is not just a blind follower who does what he's told. Long before My Hero Academia season 6, the villain was inspired by Stain calling out false heroes. Spinner believed that Shigaraki would help continue that legacy. However, that faith slowly eroded over time after a series of failures.

The League of Villains were virtually penniless in the Meta Liberation Army arc. The remaining members were constantly on the run, while several others were also captured or killed by that point. Spinner had had enough of this, and screamed at Shigaraki, questioning his leadership abilities.

Of course, Spinner would change his mind after Shigaraki displayed a great resolve against Gigantomachia and later Re-Destro. Shigaraki finally won over Spinner's loyalty for life. With that said, the context of this scene will likely change in My Hero Academia season 6.

How will the scene get adapted into the anime?

Episode 13 will more than likely present the Spinner and Shigaraki moment in a series of flashbacks. Spinner will probably think back to how he doubted Shigaraki, only to be proven wrong after the Meta Liberation Army was defeated.

There will be a key moment in the next episode where Mr. Compress will free Spinner and the unconscious Shigaraki. In fact, Compress outright believes that Spinner is Shigaraki's most devoted follower in My Hero Academia season 6.

Studio Bones can repurpose this flashback to provide more context on Spinner and Shigaraki's relationship. Episode 13 will be the best chance to do so, and going by the preview, it seems like Spinner's contributions in the series won't be forgotten.

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