My Hero Academia traitor Hagakure finally revealed, leaving community in disbelief

My Hero Academia chapter 335 spoilers: Traitor within UA revealed (Image via My Hero Academia)
My Hero Academia chapter 335 spoilers: Traitor within UA revealed (Image via My Hero Academia)
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The My Hero Academia community is in shock as Hagakure is the traitor in the raw scans of the upcoming chapter. My Hero Academia chapter 335, titled “Fertilized egg,” is set to be released on November 28, 2021, but sources have leaked the raw scans that reveal an important piece of information.

The upcoming chapter ends with a silhouette of a character that seems to be the traitor who has been in UA High all along.


My Hero Academia chapter 335 spoilers shocks followers

According to the raw scans of the chapter, the traitor, who has been in UA, was none other than Hagakure. My Hero Academia fans took to Twitter, expressing their shock.

Remember the time Hagakure insisted for class 1A to go the the mall? Guess who was the person Deku encountered? Shigaraki...#MHAspoilers #MHA335
#mha335 #bnha335 #MHASpoilers ..........The rest of Class 1-A when Hagakure's irrelevant ass reveals to them that she's been secretly working with the LOV the whole time

My Hero Academia chapter 335 plot explained

The chapter starts with All Might explaining the Jets’ analysis showed that New Order, a quirk, became a poison in Shigaraki’s body. There is a glimmer of hope among the students as the civilians have been evacuated and the heroes go on the offensive.

But, My Hero Academia’s fan-favorite, All Might, provides a compelling argument for why they can’t be hasty since it will be challenging to track All For One’s movements.

The students realize that it is essential to go up against Shigaraki since many of his quirks have been destroyed, leaving him in a weakened state. Bakugou Katsuki expresses his concern as the heroes have lost their forces in half and the villains they’re up against have been preparing for this moment for a long time.

The students of UA High continue to talk about their abilities and techniques. This is when we see All Might fondly remember the first training session he had with them. He says:

“These little eggs have hatched long ago. They braved the storm and became birds that will now cross the sky.”
At least we had decent Dabi panel.Dabi is already impatient, cause he hate seeing Enji is alive and doing well.#MHASpoilers #mha335 #bnha335

One of the earliest villains from My Hero Academia, Shigaraki, is groaning in pain. All For One shows affection towards Shigaraki and appreciates him for getting the biggest wall out of the way. Dabi displays a great deal of impatience and says how he hates the thought of his father being alive and doing his job properly.

#MHASpoilers #MHA335 #bnha335 We'll have to wait until the full chapter and even the next chapter are out, but this panel along doesn't prove Hagakure is the traitor, even if the text said "Could the traitor be...?"Horikoshi did this shit once way back in Ch.167

All For One says their victory will be secured due to the crucial difference between All For One and Toya. Shigaraki’s eyes are drawn to a source of light coming from the distance. The camera transitions to UA, and we see a silhouette of Hagakure.

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