Naruto: 5 things that changed after Kurama's death (& 5 things that remained the same)

Taking a look at the things that were affected and those that were unaffected by Kurama's death (Image via Pierrot)
Taking a look at the things that were affected and those that were unaffected by Kurama's death (Image via Pierrot)

The death of Kurama was one of the saddest things a Naruto fan has watched during the course of the series. The Baryon Mode killed the Nine Tailed Beast, who not only assisted the protagonist in battles, but also happened to be one of his closest friends.

The two have shared an incredible journey and have come to accept each other. While Kurama’s death impacted the Seventh Hokage by a considerable margin, some aspects remained the same.

Naruto: Things that changed after the death of Kurama

1) Impacted the ability to draw Natural Energy

Naruto has been able to harness and collect the natural energy around him in order to enter Sage Mode even after Kurama’s death. However, the sheer quantity that he was able to harness was far higher because of Kurama. After the death of his dear friend, he will not be able to draw out as much natural energy as he used to before.

2) Reduction in chakra reserve

Naruto had extremely high chakra reserves and life force because he was a member of the Uzumaki clan. However, his chakra reserves have increased exponentially ever since Kurama was sealed inside him.

But after the use of Baryon Mode, Kurama died and the protagonist’s chakra reserves took a big hit. His chakra reserves were reduced by a considerable margin after the death of the Nine Tailed Beast.

3) Can’t use Tailed Beast Bomb


The Tailed Beast Bomb is a ridiculously powerful move that has excellent destructive capabilities. However, the Seventh Hokage would no longer be able to create a Bijuu Dama since Kurama no longer exists.

This attack will not be possible since he cannot combine and link up with Kurama anymore.

4) Can't use Tailed Beast Mode

Kurama was essential in Naruto being able to use Tailed Beast Mode or the Kurama Mode. This transformation calls for Kurama’s chakra as well, without which he cannot undergo this transformation. However, he still retained some impressive powers thanks to the gift given by Hagoromo Otsutsuki.

5) Healing abilities

Naruto has excellent healing abilities even without Kurama since he is from the Uzumaki clan. However, his healing abilities were far greater when he had Kurama and his chakra at his disposal.

However, after the death of the Nine Tailed Beast, the Seventh Hokage no longer possesses the same regeneration rate that he once did.

Things that remained the same despite Kurama’s death

1) Sage Mode

Despite the loss of his dear friend, the Seventh Hokage can still use the Sage Mode. Fans were delighted to see that Naruto still retained some of his powers and that he is capable of taking down strong opponents.

However, he had to use Shadow Clones in order to collect the natural energy. Bottom line is that he can still harness Senjutsu to perform this very advanced technique that drastically enhances his powers.

2) Remains compassionate

Fans witnessed how the death of Sasuke’s loved ones drove him to unending depths of darkness. It is quite easy for someone to feel negative emotions after the loss of a dear friend.

However, the Seventh Hokage continues to be compassionate and loving towards his dear friends. While he misses Kurama, he knows that he has to shoulder a ton of responsibilities since he is the Hokage.

3) Still has access to Tailed Beast chakra

In theory, Naruto still has access to the other eight Tailed Beast chakra since he was the meeting point. However, his ability to utlize it and tap into those powers is questionable.

With that being said, he still has other alternatives like the Six Paths Sage Mode, which is an impressive power up that allows him to take on some of the strongest villains in the series.

4) Still has extremely good sensory perception

Owing to Hagoromo’s gift, he can use the Six Paths Sage Mode. In this mode, his sensory perceptions are heightened to another level which allows him to understand things in a far better manner.

This plays a huge role when his opponents are trying to catch him off-guard. Despite the loss of Kurama, he retained his good sensory perceptions.

5) Still has all 5 nature transformations

Naruto has mastered all five nature transformations towards the end of Shippuden. The Seventh Hokage can still use all five nature transformations including Lava release, Magnet release and Boiling release kekkei genkai.

While Kurama’s death impacted his overall chakra reserves, it hasn’t impacted his ability to use all of these techniques.