Naruto cosplayer raises the heat with Tsunade makeover

Naruto cosplayer raises the heat in the Tsunade makeover
Naruto cosplayer raises the heat in the Tsunade makeover (Image via Sportskeeda)

While it has been some time since Tsunade appeared in the Naruto franchise, it seems she still has quite a grasp on her fans. With the recent trend where cosplayers compare their cosplay to the character on a single post going viral online, Twitter user @JamiUwUs also decided to showcase one of her most popular cosplays.

Tsunade is one of the three Legendary Sannins who was known as the best medical ninjutsu user in the Naruto franchise. Following the death of the Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi, Tsunade became the Fifth Hokage due to her immense strength, capabilities, and her descent.

Naruto fans praise a cosplayer for her identical Tsunade look

Screenshot of the post by Twitter user @JamiUwUs (Image via Sportskeeda/Twitter)
Screenshot of the post by Twitter user @JamiUwUs (Image via Sportskeeda/Twitter)

After a trend started to go viral online on Twitter where cosplayers would compare their cosplays with the characters in a post, Twitter user @JamiUwUs also decided to share one of her most popular cosplays, i.e., the one she did of Naruto's Tsunade.

Upon seeing the cosplay, fans were stunned as they could not find any differences between the two. The cosplayer and the character seemed identical to the point where even their physique matched with each other. One fan even shared a gif of Jiraiya, a character who is known to be attracted to Tsunade to the point that he knows minute details about her physique.

Many fans were certain that if a live-action film or TV series of Naruto would ever be created, Twitter user @JamiUwUs would be perfect for the role. One fan even pointed out that there were over 750 bookmarks to the original post, indicating how much fans loved the cosplay.

Even several fans of the cosplayer acknowledged how the Tsunade makeover was one of her best ones. They also hoped that she would bring back the cosplay again. Thus, they even asked her if she would ever do the cosplay again.

That's when the cosplayer mentioned that she had done the cosplay a year ago when her hair was blonde. Regardless, there is a good chance that she would do the cosplay if she were to go to a convention. However, the next time her hair would not be real, but a wig.

Given that fans wanted to see the cosplay again, they started giving the cosplayer some ideas on what occasion she could flaunt the Tsunade cosplay again.

While it was obvious that she could wear the attire at a convention, one fan suggested that the cosplayer, who also has a reaction YouTube channel, should wear the cosplay when the special Naruto episodes will premiere later in the year, i.e., in September 2023. Although the fan mistakenly states it to be three episodes, it is actually set to be four episodes.

Lastly, several fans of the cosplayer suggested characters that they wanted her to cosplay. While one Twitter user asked her to do a cosplay of Brooke from One Piece, another fan asked her to cosplay as someone unique like Baiken from Guilty Gear. As per the fan, the cosplayer would look identical to the character as they already looked quite similar. With that, fans hope to see more cosplays from Twitter user @JamiUwUs.

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