Naruto fandom divided over Sasuke Retsuden's anime adaptation

Sasuke Retsuden
Sasuke Retsuden promotional picture (image via Shueisha)

It looks like Naruto fans are set to have a good week ahead as they will receive some important news surrounding the anime at the Jump Festa 2023 event. While that in itself has fans excited about a possible Naruto remake along the way, they got additional news earlier this week that the Sasuke Retsuden novel, now being adapted into a manga, will be getting an anime adaptation.

Sasuke Retsuden will be getting its anime adaptation in the Boruto anime as its first episode will air on January 8, 2023. While for now, only two of the episodes have been confirmed, fans can expect more to be revealed later. While many individuals are glad that the novel is being given an anime adaptation, it seems like the fandom has been divided about the announcement.

Sasuke Retsuden announcement receives mixed reactions from Naruto fans online

Jump Festa 2023 revealed the key visual for the Sasuke Retsuden story set to feature in the Boruto anime. The majority of fans were happy that they were finally about to see the story arc featuring Sasuke and Sakura as they worked together to find a cure for Naruto and his chakra illness.

Additionally, a new illustration for Sasuke Retsuden was released at the event as part of the Naruto/Boruto Super Stage. However, it seems like not everyone is in favor of the announcement.

Given how Sasuke Retsuden is set to receive an anime adaptation in the Boruto anime, it seems like fans of the series weren't thrilled to hear the same.

It has been quite some time since Kawaki Arc was adapted into the anime. Ever since, Boruto anime has been having filler arcs, which has already caused fans to scream in pain. With the Sasuke Retsuden announcement, it seems like fans will have to wait a bit longer before they can witness any time skip or the adaptation of the Code Arc in the anime.

The common issue with people was how engrossed they were with Boruto's manga storyline that they could not wait any longer for the Code Arc to be animated, and thus, they would have preferred Sasuke Retsuden to have been animated separately from the Boruto anime.

Thus, several fans of the franchise trolled the announcement as they mentioned they wouldn't watch the anime, and stated that those who would, may use the same to brag about the Boruto anime.

Others argued that Studio Pierrot should have at least allowed the manga adaptation to get over before they animate the same into an anime.

Meanwhile, fans of the novels, who always considered the storyline to be canon, were having the time of their lives as haters of the novel series keep getting confirmation that the storyline is in fact canon.

There was also a lot of love shown for Sakura as fans knew that she was set to play a huge part in the story. Sakura will get a platform to showcase her intellect, strength, and her new personality, which Naruto fans couldn't witness in the previous two series.

That being said, the hype is real for the romantic developments that fans will get to witness between Sasuke and Sakura, with a key focus on the ring scene. It can be easily said that Sasuke and Sakura are the most popular couple in the series and fans will take the opportunity to watch them in action together.

Many fans have finally found a reason to get back into Boruto: Naruto Next Generations as they wish to watch the Sasuke Retsuden adaptation. As for their expectations from Studio Pierrot, Naruto fans hope that the episodes get the same love that Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War anime is getting right now.

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